Everything you Need to Know About Genuine Quality Timber Blinds

When looking for quality timber blinds that set an eco-friendly, natural and authentic look to class-up the surrounding of your remodeled or new home or office. It creates an entirely different ambience, thanks to its unusual hue, texture and material of timber; it is not an easy task to get your hands on. Before one decides to choose the right and most appropriate timber blinds for their home or office it is essential to have the adequate knowledge in order to have a profitable and a quality investment. Wooden or timber blinds are usually Venetian blinds that come in horizontal and vertical slats. Genuine timber blinds create an organic, up-market and sophisticated feel. Timber blinds can be operated manually or controlled by remote where the slats are spaced out just the right amount to block and let in an adequate amount of sun rays.

Timber Blinds

Timber Blinds

 Important and Basic Timber Blind Knowledge

To install genuine timber blinds, it is imperative to know the basic details of the wooden blinds in order to determine the absolute right option for one’s taste and expectations. Some of the most basic key points to know about timber blinds include are listed below:

  • Material & Range – One of the most prevalent reasons for the good favor of quality timber blinds is the variety of options it comes in. Apart from the range of timber options there is are an extensive number of textures and hues one can choose from accordingly to suit their needs. For those who aim to make a majestic, grand and a regal effect mahogany or oak is the material, for those who want lighter shades of durable material maple or cherry make great options, for those who are looking for a less expensive quality material walnut and teak are the most suitable. Apart from this, in the recent years, timber blinds also come in varieties of pinoleum, a material of small wooden twigs often used as faux wood, bamboo and many more.
Window Blinds

Window Blinds

  • The Extent of Shade – In the heat of considering and going through the various features and characteristics of timber blinds the most basic property must not be forgotten and that is to serve the purpose of blocking light to a suitable extent. Timber blinds are usually vertical or horizontal slats hence; they offer the right amount of privacy while allowing a bit of sunlight as well to create warmth.
  • Expense – Timber blinds apart from the quality of their texture often comes under an expensive, high end category. Timber blinds create a regal effect which is possible due to the labor put it in which includes the farming, harvesting, transportation and production of entirely natural timber. Hence, they are a bit on the edge of the price range however never unrealistically or unreasonably high either.
  • The Most Suitable VenueTimber blinds are absolutely organic and natural timber, therefore, they often require a more attentive maintenance. They suit the best for areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, dining halls, and office and alike. Bathrooms and kitchens where water is frequently used aren’t the most suitable places.


The Proper Maintenance & Cleaning

Like any other blinds, timber blinds require a caring and attentive maintenance to preserve its quality and functionality. Some of the dos and don’t of proper cleaning and maintenance of quality timber blinds include:

  • Timber blinds should be regularly dusted and the slats vacuumed.
  • A wet mop should never be used neither should they be near water prone areas.
  • Proper restoration of damped timber blinds due to lack of moisture should be done through professional maintenance services.

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