Tips on Questions to Ask the Best ‘Blocked Toilet’ Service Provider

A blocked toilet is one of the nightmares for any home or office owner, and it needs immediate attention for aesthetic and hygienic reasons. This can lead to flooding of the bathroom within a short time, and land you in serious trouble. It is always sensible to call up a plumbing service provider that is reputed, qualified and trustworthy. You need nothing short of the best blocked toilet service provider, and you should ask these 7 questions to your plumbing agency for this reason.

Blocked Toilet Services

Blocked Toilet Services

 What are your Charges?

This is of course one of the most important things that you know about at the very outset, so it’s clear to the owner as well as the service provider. Many of the reputed plumbing service providing agencies are ready to inspect the home or office of customers and offer free estimates for the kind of work needed and the charges that you have to bear. Although this is impossible when you have a flooded bathroom to fix, knowing about the charges is essential. Directly enquire whether the company charges by the hour or has a total fee for the entire work.

Do you Hire Qualified and Insured Servicemen?

There are plenty of sub-par companies setting up businesses, and many of these have unqualified and uncertified plumbers. In most cases, they are uninsured as well – and any accidental damage while providing services means that customers have to foot the bill. In case of insured plumbers, even personal injuries suffered by plumbing servicemen will be covered by the insurance provider. You will not have to be worried about any compensation. Rather, you will be the one to get compensated.

What is your Website?

Find out whether the agency has an official website, which contains information about:

  • Types of services offered
  • Registered physical address
  • Customer service no.
  • Charges and rates
  • Hours of operation

Most reputed agencies have their own websites to help customers get all the information that they need about their business.  These websites may have quick forms that you can fill, requesting a quote or asking for help stating your problem. There are tons of fly by night operators which are simply concerned about making money and are always ready to wind up business in case of any serious complaints.

Blocked Toilet

Blocked Toilet

Which Customers in My Locality have you Served?

If the agency has really served anyone in your area you know well, you can call that person up and quickly find out whether it will be worthwhile to hire the agency in question. Although blocked toilets are a big problem and need to be fixed immediately, the last thing you will want is to add to your worries with an inferior agency you mistake as the best blocked toilet service provider.

Are you Registered with Some Local Organizations?

Reputed plumbing agencies are often members of local trading organizations and plumbing associations. They are also often listed with:

  • Realtors
  • Construction agencies
  • Home renovators

Such agencies tend to be more reliable and usually abide by Government laws, rules and regulations. Even in case of any discrepancies in terms and conditions, charges or services, you can approach these organizations or associations and get issues resolved rather than approaching a court of law.

Where are you Located?

The best blocked toilet service provider should be located close to your home or office, so that you can get a fast response and quickly have your toilet problems resolved. Make sure that the agency has its registered address closer to your locality, to enjoy fast services each and every time you come up with a plumbing problem.


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