Mini Skip Bin Hire Takes Care of Trash Disposal

There are times when you have to clear out a lot of accumulated junk and trash from your home. This may be in the form of garden trash like twigs and branches or it could be household items like dead appliances, furniture, etc. Projects of home renovation usually leave a lot of debris to be cleared expeditiously, in this case a mini skip bin hire or dumpster takes care of trash disposal effectively.

mini skip

Mini Skip

Factors to Consider:

  • Estimate the volume of trash or junk or debris you want to dispose off.
  • You could select from various sizes of skip bins. Although a large skip bin can accumulate all the trash in one go but may turn out to be expensive however a mini skip bin is cheaper and affordable.
  • Skip bin hire varies from $ 200 to $ 1000, affected by various factors such as duration of rental, type and weight of trash and the number of trips.
  • The smallest standard skip bin you can hire would be the 10 yard type with a base charge of approx.  $ 300 with rates going up in proportion to size.
  • However, there is an even more affordable option in a small skip bin called a ‘bagster’ that is considered disposable with a capacity to hold 3000 pounds at an average rate of $ 30. Stuff everything into it and the bin is hauled away and disposed off.
  • You may additionally pay pick fees of about $ 130. Some companies may charge dump fees that vary from one State to another.
  • In any case ask for a customized quote based on your specific requirement
  • Not all types of cheap mini skip bin service are available in all states hence it is always better to enquire thoroughly before hiring the service.
Skip Bin Hire

Skip Bin Hire

A Smaller Skip Bin or A Larger One

  • A small-sized skip bin is ideal for smaller loads
  • The amount of debris to be disposed of while you are renovating your house may be more.  Here you can think of choosing a smaller skip bin that could involve multiple bins or a large skip bin at a higher rental but one that finishes the job in one go.
  • If you want daily removal of debris, then a small skip bin hire is more suitable.
  • If, however, space permits you to store debris and you have adequate space to accommodate a large skip bin, this might be a cheaper option.
  • In both scenarios the duration also comes into play. Skip bin hire companies may charge by the week. If your renovation work is likely to take a long time of 2 to 3 weeks, then small skip bin hire could be the most economical option. The length of rental also determines hire cost which could be lower for a longer duration.
  • Keep in mind that the hire for the first week will be high but for the second and subsequent weeks, it should be lower because the unit is already in place.
  • Availability of the skip bin service differs from state to state. While some may have all types of mini skip bin to hire, some may not have the sizes that you are looking for.
  • Small quantities are best disposed of by hiring cheap mini skip bin service for your house.

 It is advisable to do a little bit of research or enquire from people who have already used such services to get the best of cheap mini skip bin hire service.


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