Option to Choose High- End Luxury Furniture Stores

Furniture stores provide everyday essentials including the luxury items to the prospective buyers in storerooms. And with time these furniture stores will not only cater necessary furniture demands but it will also provide a wide variety of options to choose from. Let us have a look at top high- end luxury furniture stores: –

Luxury Furniture Stores

Luxury Furniture Stores

  • Trade Secret- This quality store is one of the most renowned and popular high street luxury furniture stores in the Great Britain. The company policy of keeping in the store ever changing furniture of latest design and furniture available is in vogue. The furniture ranges from beds and sofas to dining table and any furniture requirement that serves the purpose of home furniture is available at Trade Secret.
  • Anthropologie– This high- quality brand store is headquartered in Philadelphia and is one of the most expensive furniture stores for the high- end customers. As furniture is a long term investment so why would you buy it in cheap prices?
  • Passerini London– Luxury furniture and elegant designs are found inside this London based Show- room. This show- room comes under one of the top line show-rooms. And apart from its regular furniture line, it also offers the custom made furniture where the customer is more than happy to avail such service.
  • Huffman Koos– This furniture store has been in business since 1961 and it is located in the New York. The company has locations all over East Coast in America. It is famous for selling furniture sets of bedrooms, living rooms, and entertainment areas.
  • Jennifer Convertibles– This store has complete range sofas, sofa- beds, and bedroom furniture and dining room furniture. The company policy provides guardsman program programs provide five- year protection for leather and fabric.
Furniture Stores

Furniture Stores

  • Williams Sonoma– This store was founded in 1965 by Charles Williams in Sonoma, California. It is best known for its kitchen wares and home furnishing.
  • Lazboy Furniture– Lazboy furniture galleries were found in 1928 and have gained recognition for their recliner. The company is also famous for selling chairs, sofas, love seats, tables and sleepers.
  • Simplicity Sofas– High end hand crafted sofas are available and this store specializes in making furniture that can be well accommodated in small spaces. The furniture is well designed to pass through narrow doorways & stairway where no other furniture can go.
  • Bloomingdales– Owned by Macy’s, this upscale departmental store offers wide variety of expensive furniture’s. This store was founded in 1961 and now has 46 stores providing luxury furniture.
  • Horchow– This brand store is famous for luxury furniture, the store is located not much far away from Texas, but this furniture from this brand is mostly sold in Neiman Marcus stores worldwide.
  • CantoniThis store offers furniture of modern taste and has special design team and locations in Atlanta, Dallas, Orange County, Houston and LA. You can dream of countless well designed modern brands and latest designed furniture.
  • Feather and Black Clearance Outlet– As bedrooms are considered the heart of the home; this company offers modern bedroom furniture that fulfils practical needs, sense of style, with latest quality bedroom furnishing. The furniture lining ranges from bed to dressing table to bookcase. The furniture is also incorporated with feather and black designing that brings about aesthetic appeal and creates a serene environment making the furniture look tremendously visually appealing.
  • Harrods– With clothing, shoes, beauty and even wine line, this store has only one location in London and has a fine line of expensive couches. It is one of the most expensive luxury furniture stores that cater to the needs of high end customers.

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