Tips for Buying a Caravan That Is Available for Sale

Travelling in a caravan for a long vacation is a dream for many people. The favorite family outing in caravan can be so much more fun if planned well. If you plan on travelling to different locations regularly along with your family or friends, then caravan is a good investment. But if you plan to travel just once or twice a year, then you will be ending up spending money where you can rather have a third vacation. If you need it only once or twice a year, you are better off hiring one for your vacation.

Caravan for Sale

Caravan for Sale

If you have decided to go ahead and purchase, you have two options. There are many companies which start their selling season with ‘caravan for sale’, but you must go through the features, the capacity and the space available inside the caravan, before you make the final deal.

When You Are Buying a Caravan for Sale, ensure to Make Few Checks. Your Caravan Must Not Have:

  • Shuddering due to improper automatic transmission
  • Under body coolant leaks
  • Failure in the switches and power window motor
  • Heavy turbulence especially in the front suspension

A Few Other Items from Our Checklist You Should Take Interest in Checking Are:

  • Inspection of caravans vehicle brakes, handbrake cable and wheel bearings.
  • Inspection of the tires and wheel balancing.
  • Inspection of suspension components and lubrication.
Caravans Sale

Caravans Sale

When You Buy a Caravan On Sale, You Must Also Check the Electrical as Well as The Mechanical Components:

  • A caravan for sale must have stronger body components, along with lubricated jockey wheels for giving a smother performance.
  • It is important to inspect external head lights, rear or brake lights.
  • Inspection of wiring connections along with the mounts and floor brackets.
  • Repair and replacement of mounts and floor brackets as per requirement.
  • Inspection of the complete vehicle for water leakage and any other damage.

You may not be able to check or know about the condition. You either go to a reliable dealer or take a mechanic with you who can help you with checking the condition of the caravan. If you are looking at a custom made caravan, then you need to

  • Take an appointment; meet the team to discuss customization. Book the next appointment.
  • Meet them again so they can show you the prototype they have designed for you
  • Visit different caravan selling shops to get the best deals, and to see how the fabrication is coming along.


If you are buying a new one, off the shelf, before you go there, carry out good research about vendors. The reviews the customers have given them. Go to a dealer who has great reviews and satisfied customers. There is not much of a check but just formalities about the payment. If you are opting for a vehicle loan, then you need to submit your bank statements, salary slips, photo, address proofs so the dealer can process the loan from the bank. After this, when you are buying a caravan for sale, then you must discuss with the vendor the servicing terms and any perks available with the purchase of a new caravan.

Once you buy, it is not the end of it. Use the caravan in the way that you want, but ensure the checks mentioned in the beginning of this article is made before and after your vacation. This will help you keep your caravan in a great condition and will fetch a good value even when you plan to sell it at a later point.


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