Disastrous Blocked Drains: The Causes and Benefits of Professional Service

Blocked drains are one big problem many house owners face at least once in their lifetime, which is not a precise prediction. One day you wake up just to experience the ugliness spread around the whole floor. Your feet might be deep into the inundation of filthy drain water. Blocked drains are usually the unfortunate result of foreign materials and dirt accumulating in the pipe that carries and dumps waste water. The drain blockage materializes only because of the objects that you left out of ignorance.

Drain Blocking

Drain Blocking

These materials might be food, small toys, hair, organic elements, soaps fragments and pieces of some other miscellaneous junk. This happens every day. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of those unwanted objects that may cause serious troubles of blocked drains. You should clean them regularly to avoid nightmarish mishaps since drainage water causes a lot of stress to house owners and emits unpleasant smell that is quite intolerable.

Let’s learn more about causes of severe drain blockage and how professional help is a better option than any other self-help method.

Usual Everyday Causes of Drain Blockage

Here are some of everyday causes of drain blockage:

Tree Roots

Tree roots have proclivity to find resort to those areas where they can attach, spread and grow easily. Drains and perforated pipes provide convenient moist environment for organic matters. In such cases, roots are attracted to drain areas and extend their spread until the problem worsens and blockage becomes serious. You may try some temporary fixes like cutting them, but they can grow again and the issue will be recurrent.

Blocked Drain Service

Blocked Drain Service

Green Debris and Leaves

Twigs, dry leaves and green debris are some of essential causes of blocked drains and gutters blocking. They are the primary factors to clog the drain especially at the time of autumn season when there is a flurry of leaves falling in large numbers. Due to this reason, you need to check your drain pipes regularly and clear the space from garden debris and autumn leaves.

Splatter of Grease and Fat

Human activities leave behind accidental growth of unwanted debris. One of such substances are fat and grease that tend to stick to the sides of drain pipes. Due to its inherent stickiness, bits of hair and dirt and many organic elements get clung to sticky surfaces and create their own house down the drain. To prevent this from happening, refrain from pouring fats and grease in there. Try to put them in a bottle or in a small container and dump them in a garbage bin.

Hair & Trash

Hair has a nature of getting entangled into bits and shreds that come its way and form a network or mesh that continues to grow bigger until it becomes a nemesis of blocked drains. Toilet trashes can also come to obstruct the smooth functioning of drainages system. Soap bits, cotton balls and toilet paper are some of them causing a jam in drain pipes. Make a habit of not flushing hair strands and other garbage in your toilet. Keep a bin in your bathroom for this instead of flinging them into your toilet bowl.

Reduce Your Annoyance by Hiring Professional Services

Pulling off personal efforts to abate the severity of domestic problems is something we always consider to minimize the service cost. However, in case of serious blocked drains, it is advisable to scour the area and discover professional drain cleaning company.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Service Quality

Professional companies have skilled and experienced plumbers who can evaluate the whole site to check if there are special materials or substances causing the major obstacle. The professional plumbers are equipped with special crafts and high-tech tools to effectively clean the drain.

Saves Your Pocket

You might think that calling a drain cleaning specialists will cost you a lot more than you can afford. But think this way, if you confidently try to fix the problem to save money, upon failure, you may end up wasting more money than what you could have paid to a professional service.

Redemption from Toxic Danger

The filth in sewage pipes contains life-threatening toxins that can provoke serious diseases. Professional plumbers can take precautions while working on blocked drains and protect themselves and you from the dangerous effects of these toxins.


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