Fully Managed IT Services for Efficient Businesses

For all those of you who have worked in big software companies are very aware of the term IT. It stands for information technology. The service that is rendered towards information technology is shortly called as IT services. IT services form the backbone of any industry not just software. Any place, where you need information online or communication online, IT services is imperative.  A BPO, school administrator, a non-profit organization or just about any business needs IT services to seamlessly and efficiently render services to their clientele. It is not an exaggeration if we say every aspect of your organization relies on your IT network functioning efficiently. No internet, Video conference not working, webinars not connecting – first thing you do is to call IT services.


IT Services

Most of the businesses in recent times have outsourced their IT vertical to experts in this field. This helps them cut costs and show profitability, as the IT resources, servers etc are very expensive and businesses feel that it sis much affordable to hire on contract basis from expert companies rather than host the servers in house or hire engineers. That way businesses can free up their time to strategies to generate revenue rather than focusing on investing in servers, creating space for them etc. The IT support from such expert organizations ensures a quick turnaround time for any issues in the organization, this service level agreement I signed and documented by the companies and the expert IT Services Company. They hire top candidates as it is the reputation that is in question when the entire IT facility including IT security is handed over to them. They ensure a few action items to be done in the best possible way. Some of them are listed below.

  • They provide solutions for critical issues that reduces the risk of downtime
  • Monitor emails that may be fraudulent of virus infected
  • Monitor employees’ computer or laptop to ensure they do not download from torrent or other similar softwares.
  • losing significant data by proactively monitoring the network
  • supporting your IT network all 24 hours 7 days a week around the year

This is accomplished by not only hiring top candidates but these qualified IT network engineers also are given constant technical training as the technology is growing fast and is constantly changing too. To keep up and be update to date, engineers opt for certification program that help them in their career as well as the businesses.

IT Support

IT Support

Fully Managed IT Services Can Be of Two Types:

  • Managed IT Services: Here 100% responsibility of the IT infrastructure, IT services and support is handed over to the third party. The SLAs will define the expected turnaround time for the IT issues in the company.
  • Co-Managed IT Services:  Here, a part of the IT services – generally the crucial and high visibility tasks are handed over to the IT services company. The daily nuances of the internet not available or LAN not working is handled internally.

The benefit of having a strategic IT partner can indeed work well for the bottom figures. Your organization will be maintained and supported by a team of specialists in the IT field with all-inclusive resources who know how to make technology work for different IT or Non-IT organizations of any size. The servers have a warranty period of a couple of years. If you haven’t got budgets to replace or upgrade these servers and something unfortunate happens with the servers on the third year, and you have not replaced them, the onus is entirely on you for the damages caused. With hiring a 3rd party, neither do you have to invest in upgrading or replacing servers nor the risk will not be dangling over your head. The IT services company is responsible for every task related to IT 24/7!


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