Checklist for Quality Plantation Shutters for Your Home

If you are looking for privacy solutions for your home that offer security too then quality plantation shutters are a highly-recommended option. These shutters take the rather flat designs of industrial shutters into something more appealing and soothing. Today, you can get these plantation shutters in a variety of styles and designs, especially louver sizes. You would notice that the most common size here would be a classic 2 1/2 inch for suburban homes. Of course, that’s a personal decision nevertheless.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

When you are shopping for quality plantation shutters you need to ensure that your windows are measured precisely because these fit rights into them. Doing so ensures a beautiful fit and offers privacy too. But there’s some critical aspects that require due consideration prior to investments. Some of these include-

Apt Louver Tension

It is essential that your shutter louvers should have a smooth finish and fix in properly because they are usually for a lifetime. The tension screws available with some manufactures are used on either side of the shutter panel. However, you should remember that too much of tightening of screws implies that there’s something wrong. So, check these little things when buying quality plantation shutters.

Quality Material

The other aspect is to look for quality materials. The popular ones here include superior quality woods though a lot of people are now considering a mix of some metals too. Especially, aluminum and steel are very popular in this reference. Without durability, these shutters won’t last you the tenure expected. Oak wood, Maple wood, teak, etc. are popular choices here. Cedar shutters to have emerged as popular options.

Plantation Shutter

Plantation Shutter

Buy Them from Reputed Companies

There are a lot of companies out there selling shutters for homes. However, rather than just going by the price tag, you should also consider the reputation of the company. Some quality plantation shutters may come at a lower price but you should always check their credibility with organizations like Better Business Bureau. A reputed company would provide you with affordable prices and premium quality assurance.

Think About Functional Aspects

You can also consider getting these shutters that are custom built for each window. Doing so would not only ensure that each window gets a fine finish but also fits right well. And customizing helps you to manage or reduce lights in your home. You can consider something with more spacing or less gaping in the louvers. The number of panels that you have also complements the flow of light, security and privacy. For example, if you have a gorgeous view then you can have broader panels. Doing so gives you the dual benefit of avoiding blinds or drapes if you want and opting for quality plantation shutters.

Quality Plantation Shutters

Quality Plantation Shutters

Some Other Basic Factors That You Should Not Overlook Here Are-

  • Make sure that you pick a material that does not warp. Doing so completely defies the purpose of having a plantation shutter in the first place.
  • The choice of material here and the final finish should be lightweight yet very strong. Not being lightweight implies that you would easily be able to operate them.
  • There are options to choose from uniform grain. It helps you to get a beautiful stain finish

overall, it is advised that you see some quality plantation shutter designs at showrooms and even in your friend or neighbors home. Doing so would give you an approximate idea upon what kind of material would suit your home needs. It also provides a clearer picture in to the costs, longevity of the product and whether they are practical in the long run.


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