Choosing from the Best Floating Floors in The Market

A floating floor is a floor that isn’t glued or nailed to the existing floor, and these floors derive their name from the way in which they are installed. When choosing the best floating floors for your home, there are several options open to you, and you can choose from luxury vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, ceramic tiles or engineered flooring. When deciding on the right floating floors for your home, consider what each type of flooring involves so that you can make the right choice.



Vinyl Flooring

Many homeowners opt for floating vinyl floors as they have similar advantages to vinyl flooring but tend to be more cost effective. This type of flooring works great for areas in your home that are more exposed to moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens and basements. Look at some of the benefits these floors offer.

  1. Easy Installation: Installing these floors is so simple that you can do it on your own if you can follow instructions to the letter. All that you need to do is create a leveled sub-base by filling the lower areas and scraping the higher ones. The sheets of plywood can then be stapled to the existing floor.
  2. Comfortable: This type of flooring is comfortable for those who are on their feet most of the time. The warm look and feel of this floor makes it extremely appealing to all homeowners.
  3. Different Designs: You have a choice of multiple designs and colors to choose from, giving you flexibility of choice depending on your home’s decor.
Floating Floor

Floating Floor

Laminate Flooring

Reasonably priced and versatile, laminate floating flooring is a preferred choice for many homeowners. Additionally, easy maintenance makes this a tempting choice. This type of flooring can be installed anywhere with minimum labor required for the installation. Laminate is also resistant to elements which can wreak havoc on other floor types. It is resistant to bacteria and mold and therefore works out as a ‘healthy’ option. All that is required to keep it clean is a routine sweep. In case of any spills, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Ceramic Tiles

When looking out for the best floating floors that are resistant to moisture, ceramic tiles are certainly high on the list of contenders. With a wide range of options in colors and styles, this is a choice of many commercial outlets besides residential ones. Maintenance is convenient as all you need to do is mop it with water and some soap. Durability is another factor which makes ceramic tiles a popular choice for many.

Engineered Flooring

Engineered wood is built with real wood bonded together in layers, with the top layer highlighting the characteristic of natural wood. The stability of the engineered wood makes it resistant to humidity and different temperatures. This type of flooring is as efficient as hardwood flooring, where longevity and durability are concerned. You do have multiple choices in the colors and patterns available.

Floating Floors

Floating Floors

Facts About Floating Floors

  • Opting for a floating floor lets you have a wooden floor of any level.
  • The lifespan of the best floating floors can be even 80 years with the minimum being 40 years.
  • Floating floors are convenient to install.
  • Most of these floating floors can be refinished when required.
  • Floating floors work out as an affordable option when compared to real wood or ceramic floors.
  • When opting for hardwood floating floors, you can look forward to an increase in your home value.
  • Hardwood floating floors can keep you safe from any types of allergies as they are resistant to dust and other allergens.

Look for a reputed manufacturer of the best floating floors, and with the right advice, give your home a total new look with comfort, durability and economy all in one.


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