Choosing the Right Caravan from Reputed New Caravans Manufacturers

Most caravan owners consider a caravan ‘a home away from home’. This works perfect for those holidays that you and your family wish to take, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Though this works out a little more expensive, the benefits you and your family enjoy can outweigh the costs involved. A caravan allows you much more flexibility and ease, as every time you plan a holiday there is no requirement of packing all essentials. Caravans are fitted with the necessities and are extremely convenient. Owning a caravan, you tend to enjoy benefits like discounts on tourist experiences. You can also earn from the caravan if you decide to rent it out when your family does not require it. When choosing a caravan, look through reputed new caravans manufacturers before you make a choice.

New Caravans

New Caravans

Planning Your Purchase

Decide whether you will be using the caravan for a couple of months at a stretch or if you only plan to use it for weekend tours. When buying a caravan, you also need to consider whether it will be used for rough terrain adventures or only for caravan parks. These considerations will help you decide whether you need to opt for off-road capabilities or a leaf-spring suspension.

  1. Layout of the Caravan

Deciding on the number of berths in the caravan is essential. This can be determined per the number of people accompanying you. You need to be aware that children and even adults can sleep under a specified awning at times when you have a larger number of people accompanying you. Therefore, you can avoid opting for a larger caravan. In case it is just two people touring, you can think of a double berth or two single berths. Think of beds that can be converted into a sitting arrangement during the day so that you save on space.

  1. Look Through the Kitchen

Cooking should be comfortable in your caravan, and the kitchen should have the right height tops and cabinets. Most kitchens in caravans these days are fully equipped, providing owners with all the needed conveniences. You can check with new caravans manufacturers with kitchens that have essential appliances such as a fridge, microwave and gas. These works out as the ‘basics’.

  1. Floor Coverings

It is practical to have vinyl flooring in your caravan as this is ideal when you walk in with muddy boots. Optionally, you can choose removable carpeting.

Caravan Manufacturers

Caravan Manufacturers

  1. Towing Factor

Consider the towing capabilities of your vehicle before you decide on a specific from new caravan manufacturers. The weight and size of the depends upon this. Additionally, it is essential to consider whether you have the right driving license to handle the vehicle.

  1. Axle and Frame

You have a choice between aluminum frames and wooden ones. It has been noticed that aluminum is a preferred choice for most caravan owners. Specific sized vans require two axles for safety reasons.

Purchasing from New Caravans Manufacturers

Once you have listed out your requirements, do a thorough research of new caravan manufacturers. You also ask friends and family for references to ensure you are approaching the right manufacturer.



There are many manufacturers listed online, which makes searching for the right one convenient. Before you finalize on a specific manufacturer, gather all possible information from them to make sure they are providing all that is required in your caravan. Look for details such as internal storage, décor, fittings and equipment. All these can determine how comfortable you will be while travelling.

Your caravan is a big investment, so it is important to make sure of the warranty provided. Well reputed new caravan manufacturers will do so without being told. The ‘wrong’ layout in a caravan can prove to be a big mistake as you will be wasting a lot of money.


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