Waste Removal in Different Manner

When we talk about ‘waste’ it is important to know that there are different types of waste which need to be disposed off in a specific manner. Waste Removal specializes in these different types and methods of disposing them off. This article informs you on certain types of waste and how to specifically dispose them or choose the right company to do so.

Waste Removal

Waste Removal

Medical Waste

Any waste which is bio-hazardous by nature is considered as ‘medical waste’. This waste is generated by nursing homes, dental clinics, hospitals and physicians’ offices. The waste includes chemicals, needles, swabs, razor blades, broken tubes, gloves, gowns, suction devices, saturated dressings and probably body parts. This type of waste needs to be handled in a specific manner to cause no harm, not only to the environment but also to those around.

Companies Dealing with Medical Waste

The companies which deal with the above-mentioned waste are different from the other waste removal companies. They require a fleet of specific vehicles that make use of receptacles so that there is no exposure of the medical waste to the outside air. This also eliminates any risk of this waste spilling over in case of accidents. These companies are provided special permits for the transportation of the waste on any public highway. They have arrangements for the disposal which meet up to the requirements of the regulations of disposing of hazardous material.

Waste collect

Waste collect

Different Types of Waste Disposal:

There are different types of methods used for waste disposal depending on the nature of the waste.

  1. Combustion/Incineration:

This method is used for municipal waste where the waste is burned at extremely high temperatures converting the waste to gaseous products and residue. This type of disposal reduces the solid waste to nearly 30%, reducing the pile in landfills. This is also termed as ‘thermal treatment’ converting the solid waste in to steam, heat and gas.

  1. Landfill:

This is one method of waste disposal which is popular in most places. The waste is buried in the land and eliminates the dangers of waste besides the odor. This method is getting difficult with the passing of time as there is lack of the required space.

  1. Recycling:

Discarded items which can be re-used are taken out from the waste. These items are processed for the extraction of recovery materials or they are converted into energy used for electricity, fuel and usable heat.  Recycling converts the waste materials into products which can be re-used, thus reducing the use of energy and save space in landfills. Natural resources are preserved for use soon and there is less of air and water pollution.

Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal

  1. Plasma Gasification:

This method of waste disposal makes use of plasma torches in vessels operating at temperatures of nearly +10,000 degree F. This converts the liquid and solid wastes into syngas. This process leads to the breaking of the molecular bonds in the waste. This type of waste disposal provides energy which is renewable.

Waste Management:

Waste management works best when less waste is created. This can be done by recycling of old stuff like bags, jars, repairing broken materials. It is advisable to avoid using disposable stuff and reusing the second-hand stuff. The right waste removal tends to safeguard the environment and keep each individual safe and healthy. As we have seen there are specific wastes, like the medical waste, which require handling in a specialized manner. It is an individual’s choice how to dispose of the waste keeping the focus on the environment and those around you.


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