Know the Benefits of Indoor and Outdoor Stairs

The difficulty to climb the stairs is a common problem for invalid and old people. The stairs indoors might be a great problem for many. With the arrangement of stair lifts there is no need to make any type of extension within the house. A stair lift is something that can fit inside the house very quickly in fact in few hours. This minimizes the inconvenience of the residents in the house. It can be fitted by a qualified person by measuring the angle and length of the stairs. This is easily available in various lengths so that it fits the different staircases. It is a modern concept that is reliable and comfortable.

Indoor Staircase

Indoor Staircase

What Is Spiral Stair?

  • The spiral stair is the right decision for any homeowner if one has understood the actual space required. It is different from a traditional staircase as per the design is concerned.
  • Unlike the traditional stairs, spiral stairs are different in visual appeal and value. The design is also completely different from each other.
  • It has a significantly smaller footprint. The traditional stairs on the other hand extends to the home and you can see that it has a rectangular footprint.
  • The stairs footprint will never go beyond the width and the diameter of the design. This helps to keep the footprint in a small circle that is possible to be easily tucked in the corner of your home.
  • It adds a great amount of visual interest to the house and at the same time it is highly functional. This type of stair can be either installed inside or outside the house improving the aesthetic of your home.
  • The traditional stairs have a large and bulky framework whereas the spiral stairs have a small footprint but with an open frame.
  • The stairs have a support that is the center column and spindles that is attached to the handrail. It is due to this structure that both light and air can easily pass through the stair case. This also helps to keep the space open.
  • The concept of open space is adding to the aesthetics and has become very popular. This is now the emerging trend that minimizes the space in efficient homes. The smooth curve that is a part of spiral stair complements the simple design that is usually found in homes.
  • When you want to maximize the space, the stairs are installed at the backyard. The outdoor stairs is a perfect balance of beauty and function. The frame is open and will not have a large object that is blocking the view. On the other hand, the small footprint is used to maximize the backyard.
  • The spiral stairs usually cost very high as they are commonly found where there is extravagant space. The design of the spiral stairs can be customized so that it gives an addition to your home.
Outdoor Stairs

Outdoor Stairs

Industrial Indoors and Outdoors Stairs Ideal

  • The industrial stairs are engineered professionally done in cubic designs and are the best for indoor and outdoor stairs.
  • The common places where they are built are loading docks, platforms, fire exits, plant offices and conveyor crossovers.
  • They are constructed from heavy gauge steel. There are several tread options that will be able to meet your needs.
  • There are different options in industrial stairs and that is handrail platforms, extensions as well as closed risers. The cubic design is all pre- manufactured in which all the components and hardware are included.

 Thus, indoor and outdoor stairs is decorative and an impressive part of a building.


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