All You Want to Know About CCTV Security Systems & Installation

The security system that is popularly known as CCTV is the closed –circuit television. Basically, it is a video surveillance system installed to monitor a certain area in your residential or commercial property. The cameras function by transmitting signals to a specific place on quite limited set of monitors. It is different from broadcast television in which the signal cannot be openly transmitted. The power points may be point to point or even multipoint and mesh wireless links. The places that have such surveillance video cameras are for instance bars, military installations, schools hotels, airports etc. The sports events are also monitored through CCTV inside the venue. The CCTVs are also used in industrial plants where it is more advanced.

CCTV Camera Installation

CCTV Camera Installation

How is CCTV Installed?

  • The security systems are available in complete package. The homeowner needs to make a list of vulnerable areas in his/her property. Since it is not possible to monitor each corner of the room, you must prioritize where you need the installation.
  • It is important to check each location to exactly find out if that area is not blocked by anything else. You need to decide on the cameras like one will be for front and back doors and another for large common places.
  • The package that you buy must suit the needs and your specific requirements. You can buy each piece individually like a minimum system that has 1-3 cameras or a DVR. The wireless cameras mounted on the wall will cover your basic needs. If the area is very large, then the security system must differ.
  • The wireless cameras are easy to install as it does not need any type of drilling. There will also be no cables running through your house.
CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera

  • The CCTV camera must be installed along with a recording device. This is video that receives all the video footage and the broadcast from the monitor.
  • CCTV camera should be installed in a high and a broad angle. The best angle that the installers believe is from where you can look down from the corner where the ceiling meets.
  • The camera should be attached to a power source. The camera is found with an adapter that can be plugged into a normal wall socket.
  • If the camera is wireless, then it is best to link it with your computer. The wireless cameras are usually with a software disc. You must install it to view the feeds.

Why Use CCTV?

  • CCTV security cameras are installed in public areas which include airports, roads, town centers, and in any forms of transport system. It can be used as evidence in court to prove your point.
CCTV Security Camera

CCTV Security Camera

  • The government thinks it is their responsibility to recognize the value of CCTV to tackle the problems in society and save people from various crimes.
  • This gives an assurance to the members of the public that they can live a normal life and do their own personal work. It gives added security to the people and gives the criminals a strong and clear message.
  • The CCTV helps to show evidence to certain enforcement agencies for maintaining public order. This helps to prevent the anti-social behavior and nuisance. This also promotes economic well-being.
  • The CCTV footage can be used as evidence in court. It can help the community and prevent crime. The actions of robbery are also recorded that can be used as proof.

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