Roller Shutters – Safety at its Zenith!

Roller shutters, also known as sectional doors are the type of doors or windows shutters used to maintain the privacy of a place. These are also used to block the rays of the sun and pollutants such as dust and grime, etc. These shutters can be raised to open and lowered to close the same. These can be manual and at the same time are also available in automated version. Generally, on larger doors or windows, the roller shutters are motorized with suitable and enhanced brake systems for added safety.

Home Roller Shutters

Home Roller Shutters

Applications of Roller Shutters

  • These have numerous uses such as doors for vans, garages, tempos, caravans, etc. Places such as prisons, warehouses, and departmental stores also use these roller shutters. In fact, these can also be placed in kitchens for enhancing the beauty of the kitchenette. It is not surprising that in some parts of the world, these roller shutters are available at subsidized rates by the Government. Such is their popularity!
  • There are some areas where the weather is not very conducive. These inclement climatic factors necessitate the use of roller shutters. The roller shutters also provide safety against the bad weather, and at the same time, these can be used for insulation purposes also.

Benefits of Roller Shutters

  • Although wood is the most common forms of roller shutter in use these days, aluminum is the one that is preferred due to the reason that it is light and non-corrosive. It is particularly true in the case of exterior windows. There is a wide range of designs available, and the windows and doors appear good to the eyes. This is one of the main reasons for the people to pick such kind of a commodity in their home. It is one of the most important attributes of the roller shutters. The cost of the roller shutter varies with the type of the metal that is used for the purpose. These are highly versatile and hence finds its use in all the windows mostly as they offer better protection than blinds especially in areas that are prone to tornadoes and intense storms and hurricanes. Each variant can be successfully powder coated and can also be customized to suit the needs of the buyer.
  • Roller shutters give the maximum protection as compared to any other kinds of covers. These protect the house from the elements of nature such as wind, rain, storms and sunlight. These are permanent structures and are designed such that you don’t have to use other resources such as plywood cover just before a storm happens. It gives you the added advantage of varying the mode of operation so that it can just open as much as you want. Hence, you hold the key to controlling the lighting, pollution, and ventilation of the home. Isn’t that fantastic?
Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

Types of Roller Shutters and Their Operations

  • Built on Shutter Doors and Windows – This is the kind where the roller shutters are fixed to the exterior of the building supposed to be covered
  • Built-in Roller Shutter Doors and Windows – As the name suggests, these are built inside the house.
  • Integrated Shutters – These type of roller shutters are the combination of window and roller shutter. These are combined as a single unit.
  • Titling Laths and Roller Shutters – These are very like Venetian Blinds and hence are immensely preferred because of their attractive appearance.
  • Electric – These roller shutters are automated. It occurs when a tubular motor is fitted in the roller.
  • Manual – These are mostly used for smaller fixtures and windows. These are easy to operate by simply cranking a window handle.
  • Manual Tape – It is a kind in which the tape drive along the flange on the roller is traced along the facade of the area and comes with pulley guides.

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