The Various Kinds of Medical Carts Used in A Hospital Set Up

There are various kinds of medical carts used inside the hospital. The foremost among them is medical cart – anaesthetic trolley which is the prime hospital device used for storing medical tools required for aiding the procedure of anesthesia. Anesthesia refers to the use of anesthesia drugs in order to subdue the mind of the patient so that he/she does not feel any pain or discomfort. So, the surgical operation is carried out without any pain. To make sure that all the anesthesia tools are properly organized, the medical practitioner uses anaesthetic trolley to keep safe all the items and medicines. During the operation, it is very hard to find the proper medicine by the doctors because they need to finish the operation within stipulated time. That is the reason doctors always take assistance from the operation theatre technicians. These medical technicians mainly use the hospital carts and they usually stock their medicines in these carts safely. Apart from that, you can find some hospital carts for laundry cleaning purpose and machinery transportation carts.

Medical Carts

Medical Carts

Important Role of Hospital Carts for The Field of Anesthesia:

Anesthetic trolley refers to the hospital cart which is equipped with drawers and attachments to keep safe all the medical tools and equipments. It uses wheels and casters for easy mobility. The ergonomically designed hospital cart can store a huge variety of medical accessories and equipments. The doctor can easily access all the items as per their required.

  • The anesthesiologists use anesthesia cart or trolley widely when they carry out operations. The carts carry the medical supplies needed for the anesthesia machines or gas machines, located next to the cart.
  • The cart hosts various medical supplies and drugs to support the task of anesthesia. Apart from this kind of cart, there are many other kinds of hospital carts used for advanced medical facility.

Kinds of Medical Carts Used in The Hospital:

  • The foremost kind of cart is the emergency trolley, which is used under emergencies. The cart is used for resuscitation of the patient. When there is high emergency in the ICU room owing to the cardiac arrest, drug overdose, etc., the emergency crash cart is used. The cart is equipped with AED machine or an automatic electronic defibrillator for the patients of heart arrest. Apart from this, there are various tubes, equipments to restore the breath of the patient.
  • Medicine trolley or cart is another kind of cart, which houses different medicines for the patients. Featuring a room for punch cards, the cart carries the group of prescribed medicines. Such a cart helps in the timely administration of medicines. To reach the patients on perfect time, it is necessary to transport the medicines to the concerned department. Through these medicine carts, pharmacist can easily transport the medicines to these departments and the nurse and medical professionals can use these medicines for their patients.
Anaesthetic Trolley

Anaesthetic Trolley

Some Features of Anesthetic Carts

Anesthetic carts are used for storing all the tools relating to anesthesia. Only if the patient receives a proper anesthesia care, he/she can stay pain-free or unconscious all throughout the surgical procedure. The cart must be designed in such a way that the anesthesiologist can access the items when needed. The medical tools and equipments must be easily accessible. The design must facilitate an easy transport of anesthesia drugs in between the rooms. Look for the option of locking drawers if you want the tools to remain safe. The anesthesia cart is available in various specifications and colors. It must accommodate the various facility needs. The choice of color is important to coordinate which trolley belongs to which room or center.


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