Characteristics of a Good Electric Chain Hoist

Apart from being safe and built with excellent standards of quality, an electric chain host must be durable, robust, operate without any kind of noise, operate smoothly, and be compact in size. The primary characteristics of an excellent electric chain host are that it is designed to lift heavy, moving loads. Hence, these hoists need to work very efficiently without any breakdown. The current hoists in the market are designed in such a way that they can work quickly with high-levels of productivity. Since these electric chain hoists can work tirelessly without any break, they can experience wear and tear. Hence, maintenance plays a crucial role with respect to these hoists. Before purchasing one of these hoists it is recommended that buyers obtain information on how to maintain electric chain hoists. Other points to note are-

Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist

  • Electric chain hoists should work accurately and perform duties with a high-level of precision when they are lifting loads that are heavy. Hence, users and operators should ensure that these hoists are maintained in such a way that they don’t lose their effectiveness with respect to precision and accuracy.
  • A good electric hoist should be thoroughly inspected routinely by the operators and users to ensure that the hoist does not lose its durability.
  • These hoists should be built as per the dimensions provided. Any mismatch in the dimensions results in the reduction in the efficiency and the safety of the hoist.
  • These hoists should be easy to handle and should be easily serviceable.
  • The hoists should have all the safety measures pre-fitted with them. Also, these hoists should be able to reduce power consumption as well as duration of time taken to complete the job.
  • A good electric chain hoist can be easily assembled. The directions provided by the manufacturer should be clear and legible for the operator.

Advantages of Using an Electric Chain Hoist

An electric chain hoist is very useful when it comes to tasks that involve lifting of heavy loads. The hoist should be easily able to move heavy items from one place to the other. These hoists save energy, time, and costs related to labor. Out of all the types of hoists available in the market, the electric hoist is the most useful. The advantages of these hoists are listed below:

  • Improvement in productivity.
  • Increased load in capacity.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Versatility.
  • Durability.

Improvement in Productivity

Electric powered hoists allow the operators to carry heavy items from one location to the other. When compared to manual hoists, the electric hoists can function very smoothly. Electric hoists do not require manual effort. This ensures that that operators can work for longer periods of time, which in turn improves productivity.

Electric Hoist

Electric Hoist

Increased Load In Capacity

Electric hoists can carry around 100 to 200 pounds heavier than the other types of hoists. Because of the heavier loads these hoists can carry, these electric hoists improve the efficiency of the entire operation, too.


Since there is very little labor involved in operating an electric hoist, companies can save a lot of money related to labor.


These devices become more versatile as they are used. Along with lifting heavy loads, these hoists can move the loads from one side to the other. Instead of investing in two machines to perform two kinds of activities, purchasing one electric hoist that can perform both vertical lifting and horizontal movement saving a lot of time, effort, and money.


These hoists are very durable and can serve users for many years if they are maintained properly.


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