Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Tips to Save Money

Your home is the most significant investment you make in your entire life and thus it is vital to take care of the home. Regular repair and maintenance of the home is important to consider. Your home must be kept up-to-date with frequent remodeling and renovation. Among all parts of the home, kitchen and bathroom are the most important. By taking care of the home, you can make your home appealing and can even increase its value. Bathroom and kitchen renovation can bring significant returns. It is best to consider home renovation in these economically tough times. If you are looking to save money on home renovation, you can follow certain cost efficient kitchen and bathroom renovations tips and you remodel your home at cost effective rates.

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

Things need to be planned in a strategic manner including the design of the space, the material used and your time. It is not difficult to cut costs without making compromise on the quality of renovation. When it comes to the kitchen renovation, you must lay utmost focus on quality kitchen cabinets. Cabinets have a utility value and enhance the functionality of the kitchen. Consider installing the particle board kitchen cabinet which is a low-cost temporary solution. Such a cabinet eliminates the need for replacing the cabinets every now and then. But, choose quality material for the particle board. For instance, 3/4” plywood for particle board cabinet box will be a healthy choice. You will avoid premature failures in the cabinet. There will be no loose doors and hinges, peeling laminate, sag in the horizontal support or any crumbling bases.

Make Bathrooms and Kitchens More Efficient

When it comes to cost effective bathroom and kitchen renovation, the efficiency matters more than the size. Just reorganize your space including kitchen and bathroom for the maximum utility. There is no need to create a new space or build anything new. Make use of shelves, having pullout drawers and concealed cabinets.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

More Light is Needed

Do allow more amount of natural light to enter your space. For this, you need not create additional windows or doors. Prior to smashing your walls for creating more doors and windows, you may select less invasive and less expensive options like going for solar tube lights. A solar tube skylight is far more affordable than other options.

Doing Your Own Demolition

If you are on a tight budget, looking to renovate your home, you can start by demolishing the space. Have your own demolishing team instead of considering professionals. If you do some demolition work by your own, you can save a few dollars. Try to do a bit of finishing work yourself like sanding, painting or installing the fixtures if you know how to do.

Buy Pre-finished Items to Save Money

If you do things from the scratch, you will have to spend a lot of money. For instance, you can consider pre-finished materials to save on the extensive painting charges and installation expenses. It is easy to install any pre-finished product than the ones having separated parts and components. You may consider a pre-fabricated wall finish, painted decking, weatherboard and skirting materials.

Bargain Over The Renovation Charges

Renovation cost can be pretty expensive if you carry it out in the peak season. Do the renovation work in the off-season to save money since there would not be much rush and the prices will be lower. Use your bargaining power to save on the costs.

When renovating the kitchen, it is important to choose proper countertops, cabinets and shelves. You can choose mid-grade and energy efficient appliances. Similarly, in the bathroom, you may use all the tricks to make it appear spacious, well lit and attractive.


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