A Brief Introduction to Front Doors to Impress Your Guests

There are various types of materials that are used for making the entrance doors as per the requirements of the customers. Wood, fiberglass or the solid glass; whatever be the material, create a unique impression in the mind of the guests. You can select the one that suits your budget and style too. Wherever, you are staying, maybe it in the apartment or in your own house, it is always preferable that you use the door in the right manner; more precisely you decorate the door in the right manner.

Front Doors

Front Doors

So, if you are wondering about what type of material you will use to make the front doors, then I must suggest that you go through this article. This article will provide you lots of information regarding the best type of material that is used to make the doors for your home or at your office.


If you want to look for something that is more durable, then simply use the fiberglass in making the front doors at houses and even at the offices. It is seen that there are many benefits of using the FRP in making various architectural structures. They are available in various colorsand are customized according to the shape that you order to the plumber. They are durable than the traditional materials like wood or steel. These doors come in an insulated layer that offers natural protection from pressure and other elements. If you search for a long term yet good product, then you can certainly go for the FRP doors.


It is one of the common materials that are used for making the entry doors or the front doors. The wooden doors are available everywhere. They are the traditional ones and have higher longevity. They create a good impression on the guests. They can be customized in various styles, shapes and size. They can be even customized by decorating them with glass ascents, side lights and so on. But, wood contracts and relaxes as the weather changes. Thus, you should take care of these doors and repair them when necessary.


If you want to bring a sense of sophistication in your home, then you can use glass to make the front doors. The glass doors have both advantages and disadvantages. You can see who is standing outside from the interior of your home. The glass doors are fragile, so, be very much careful while you are installing the glass front doors.

Front Doors

Front Doors

Different Types of Door Styles

There are various front door styles available in the market. When you are decorating the door, it is better that you know what type of styles you are following.

  • The entry doors: The entry doors are the ones that are present in the front side of the home face in the street. The home owners usually use the wooden doors when they are using the entry doors.
  • Sliding patio: These doors have the panels that are made with the help of glass. One of the panel slides in the horizontal manner to open and close the door.
  • Custom doors: These front doors are designed as per the requirement of the customers. The hinged doors are available in various shapes and sizes. 
  • Hinged patio: Here in these front doors, the panels are made with glass and the users can swing it on both the sides to let the wind come in and out.

Thus, this article gives you a detailed summary of the front doors and the various styles available. You can install the one that you like.


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