Major Problems Faced with A Blocked Sewer Drain

The homeowners have to deal with many problems while running their household. Sometimes, they manage the problem themselves if it is not that serious.

Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain

  • But there are certain issues which go beyond their knowledge to fix.  A blocked sewer drain is a major problem found often by residents.
  • Cleaning a blocked sewer drain is not possible for you, as it requires special tools and skills. You also have to follow the same rules what normally other do in such a situation. Often at times, using the DIY methods cannot help but they worsen the drainage condition. They are the ones on whom you can rely to clean your blocked sewer drain. They will also tell you about the ways in which you can keep your drain system clog-free.

Common Reasons for Blocked Sewer Drain:

Even though you try effortlessly, there is nothing good or beautiful about a blocked drain. It is extremely nasty, unhealthy and unhygienic. It might happen that often children throw toys or tissue papers into the drains, due to which they are blocked.  This kind of a situation will simply encourage a poor living by producing bad odor and a miserable state for everyone. Hence, a blocked sewer drain is a nuisance that no one wants to experience in his or her life.

Blocked Sewer Drain

Blocked Sewer Drain

When your sewer drain is blocked for some reason, it will bring several health issues along with the other consequences. To prevent them, you have to first understand the actual cause that leads your home to experience a blocked sewer drain.

  1. Foreign Objects: There are some objects, which can be dropped easily down the drain. They are referred as foreign objects and a few examples are sanitary items, soap, children’s toy, and food built-up. They are subject to obstruct your drain eventually. This is reason why many substances should not be washed or flushed down the drain intentionally or unintentionally.
  2. Poor Installation: Drain and pipe blockages may also happen due to bad installation. In that case, you need to hire a trained and certified plumber to get the drains unclogged. Such problem usually comes from the DIY method, which people apply to save some money in their home renovation project. Installing the pipes on your own can result in fractured pipes or incorrect water flow.
  3. Water Flow: When only small trickles of water come from your taps, you generally think it is due to the low water flow or pressure. However, the water pipes may not be responsible for your problem. The build-up sediments can make the parts of the taps clogged that leads to reduced water pressure. This continuous development of sediments often blocks the drains.
  4. Hair: Though it is hard to believe, large accumulation of hair can start to clog your drain system. The problem can be solved easily by removing it and encourage smooth passing of water. Clusters of human or animal hair also degrade the quality of the drainage system. But in order to clean these you should not use any acidic element as that might destroy the pipes.
Sewer Drain

Sewer Drain

Disadvantages of Having a Blocked Sewer Drain:

  • To fix the problem, you have to take out the time to unclog your drain by using various drain cleaning tools. If you are not bothered to do it personally, you have to invest in local clogged drain experts.
  • With a clogged sewer drain, you cannot do many activities such as washing dishes, using the toilet, taking a bath, watering the plant and so on.
  • Clogged drain indicates that you are not able to use the toilet, bathtub or sink, until it is unclogged.

There are many certified and emergency plumbers available in the market and you can also search them from the online portals.


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