Best Location for Beer Garden at Restaurants

Beer gardens are excellent places to socialize with people while enjoying some excellent quality of beers and snacks. They are great for informal parties over the weekend as well as on other holidays. In short, they are quite popular. There is no need to wait for the beer garden season however to enjoy one. It is quite possible to create one in the backyard or the lawn of Restaurant. Here are a few ideas to create the best beer garden in Restaurants.



  • The Seating and Tables

A beer garden should have an ample amount of seating space. When choosing the seats, ensure that they are suitable for outdoor use. Metal is the best choice. Wooden seats can create a rustic atmosphere, which the guests can certainly enjoy. Alternatively, you can create benches with tree stumps and boards. Long benches are popular choices in such a scenario. Always remember that you should have more seating than you think you are going to require. After all, your invitees may end up bringing their own guests.

Similarly, you will require a lot of tables for keeping the food and drinks. Circular tables work the best and create an impressive look.

  • The Layout

Beer gardens are all about socialization. As such, choose a layout which makes it easier for people to socialize with each other. First, clear up the backyard or lawn. Mow the grass and trim branches and hedges. Level ground works best for such events so focus the event on such areas. Arrange the seating and tables in such a way that it encourages socialization.

  • The Beer and Food

A beer garden will never be successful unless you have beer which should be chilled. There is no shortage of options when it comes to storing the beer. You can use all kinds of large containers such as barrels and tubs for storing the beer. While most of the beer bottles and cans will be located on and near the main table, ensure that there is still enough on the other tables. Spread around the beer at different locations.

Of course, there is no shortage of options when it comes to the beer. Craft beers are a popular choice. To add atmosphere to the party, you can consider inviting an expert on beers. For these parties, you do not have to worry a lot about the food. Pretzels are a popular choice for beer gardens. You can even have mores. Sausages and bratwurst can also be excellent choices, especially if you are going for a German theme.

Beer Garden

Beer Garden

  • The Atmosphere

For you to have the best beer garden atmosphere of the party. There are several elements which must be considered for a good atmosphere. They are listed as follows

  • Lighting
  • Music
  • Decorations

Out of them, lighting is of course the most important. There are several ways light up the beer garden. Even better is the fact that you can combine and use them. When it comes to lighting, it is preferable to use soft lights instead of harsher ones such as tube lights. This way, you can create a more cozy and comfortable atmosphere. You can hang string lights and lanterns around the space. Even candles can be lit and placed together for an interesting effect. If possible, you can create a campfire with broken logs.

As for music, you can choose tunes according to the theme of beer garden. Alternatively, you can play whatever music you think is suitable for the party. There is a wide range of decorations available for use. From banners to signs to flags, you have a lot of options. So, all the very best for the upcoming beer party!


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