Use of Stainless Steel and its Multiple Advantages

Stainless steel is used to avoid corrosion. The cost of the stainless steel is very affordable as compared to other materials and no other materials would give such a good quality. The presence of chromium makes it corrosion and oxidation resistant and thus the name suits well “stainless steel”. There are several sub categories of stainless steel, which include austenitic, martenstic, ferritic, duplex, precipitation hardening and super alloys. It is different from the carbon steel by considering the amount of chromium present in it.  In carbon steel the presence of chromium is less as a result it will rust easily. Stainless steel is a good solution because of its anti-oxidation qualities.

stainless steel in industries

Stainless Steel in Industries

Stainless Steel Cladding:

Industrial steels get corrode very easily whereas stainless steel will not. It is highly durable and is highly resistant too. Now stainless steel plates are heavily used for the industrial purposes and manufacturing companies also conduct some stainless steel fabrication on the stainless steel plates to make their own products.

  • Food Industries: It is widely used in food and beverages industries. It is used in manufacturing, storage units, transportation, preparation, and presentation. Based on the grade of the stainless steel it is classified into different sections of food and beverage unit. It is used in food and beverage units because it offers a good hygiene and has good anti-bacterial qualities.
  • Modern architecture and construction: Because of its stylish and glossy appearance, low maintenance and corrosion resistant, it is used in many of the architecture especially exterior architecture. Certain buildings in marine area choose stainless steel sheeting for exteriors.
  • Fuel and chemical tankers: Chemical industries and oil merchants store their fuel and chemicals in the stainless steel tanks. These industries are now using stainless steel plates to design their own tankers because these plates are corrosion-free and they can provide them best longevity. The main reason behind the usage of stainless steel in chemical tankers are it is a good chemical resistant and also makes the cleaning process very easier and hence cargo contamination can be reduced to a great extend.

Stainless Steel Plates uses in the Pharmaceutical Industries:

There are mainly four types of stainless steel used in pharmaceutical industries that are used in pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing.

  • Based on the application of stainless steel plate or sheet may be supplied in dull finish or in satin finish by providing a protective coating on one side of it. Also it is supplied in circular finish which makes it more decorative.
  • The highly versatile variety grade among the stainless steel is grade 304 and 304L which makes them much preferred in making sheet and plate. Weldability and formability is excellent for stainless steel.
  • Apart from that, for the health care industries, stainless steel plates are mainly used in making appliances and medical instruments. You can find various products in the hospitals and health care industries. These are made with stainless steel because this metal sheet can provide much durability and it cannot be affected or infected by germs.
stainless steel plates

Stainless Steel Plates

304 and 304L Stainless Steel Plates

These are versatile among stainless steel and are used widely in various stainless plates.  The cost of this grade relatively low and is used in variety of applications. 304 exhibits low temperature properties and is good in hardening by cold working.  304 has good weldability. The 304 grade stainless steel plates are mainly used in heat exchangers, conveyors, chemical process vessels.

Industrial segments from heavy companies to small industries mainly design their products and heavy tools with stainless steel plates. Stainless steel plates are affordable, they can easily be molded, and you can fabricate these sheets as per your requirement.


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