Signwriting for Signs: Basic Things You Should Know

Signwriting for signs is widely used by the corporate for various purposes today. Gone are those traditional days when advertisements were restricted to television and news papers. Now we are in such era where marketing and media has touched the sky. Signwriting are also one such way of marketing products. You might have seen a lot of shops where signage is made on the top showing any product or services. These are largely used by the corporate sectors to promote their services and products worldwide.



  • What Is Sign-Writing for Signs?

What do you mean by sign? This is something people use to describe something without words. Sign-writings are a set of symbols or logos that are used to describe any product or services or sometimes as a message board. Mainly these signs are used by the advertising and media houses to promote any service or product.

  • Uses of Signwriting for Signs:

There are many places where you will find sign-writings. From shops to restaurants, from small cars to heavy vehicle, sign-writings are widely used for several purposes. Here are some of the examples of sign-writings.

  1. Car Signs: You can easily identify whether the van, parked outside your housing complex, is from a courier company. Because of the company logo and name written on the car body, anyone can easily know the purpose of the car. On the other, personally many people go for auto art on their car to promote any cause or service provided by them.
  2. Shop/Restaurants/Others: You will find many such signwriting for signs on the top of restaurants, bars, pubs, shops and other places. These are used to mention the name of the pub or club or restaurants or sometimes to market other products. Sign-writings are commonly used in such places. Glow Sign Box is one such example of such signs.
  3. Notice / Message Board: Message boards or notice boards are also examples of sign-writings. They are being used to describe or notify certain things.
  4. Decorations: Sign-writings have become one of the many elements for interior decorations. As for example, in restaurants or in pubs you will find menu cards which are written in sign-writing. On the other, people create such boards and hang them on the wall to decorate the interior of house, clubs or living area.
  5. Posters / Billboards: Apart from notice boards billboards are also created using signwriting for signs. These are widely used for promotion or marketing of an organization.
Custom Signs

Custom Signs

Sing-writing: The Evolution

Traditionally the sign-writing used to be made by hand. Sign writers used to paint or draw the signs on boards to describe things.

  • Those artworks were done by the painters who used to draw them on the drawing boards.
  • After that new techniques were used in signs. As the technology has evolved, new painting and drawing software came into the picture; sign-writings have become much easier too. CAD, Photoshop and such image editing tools are being used to create sign-writings.
  • Now the time has changed again. Though CAD is still in use for sign-writings, people use vinyl pasting for it. Vinyl is a material that is widely used for banners and flexes. People draw these designs or signs on vinyl and paste them wherever needed.
  • Many painters and artists who used to create such signwriting for signs say that old handmade drawings are getting better with time. As the drawings are getting faded, the nostalgia look of such paintings is getting popular as well.

Signwriting are passing time it is getting better and more modern. Though there are no such conventional artists now, still the art is alive through technology.


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