4 Factors to Never Miss While Choosing a Steel Supplier

Steel is used in the foundation of any building or any business and thus, getting quality steel supplies is necessary for the success of any business. Looking for quality steel supplies is not an easy task as quality steel is a rare breed in today’s world. But, if you do your research well, you can never face the problem of getting low quality steel supplies. Here is a list to guide you through the process so that you know what exactly to look for.

Before we start, let me tell you the 4 sources of steel supplies generally available to you:

Steel Supplies

Steel Supplies

#1. Manufacturers: This is the source through which most of the retailers and salespeople handling the wares of huge companies buy their steel supplies from. Prices are the lowest here. But, as the manufacturing companies are generally located far away from the place of delivery, the shipping freight would cost you a lot more. In case of retailers, they pay for bulk shipping and that reduces the cost manifold.

#2. Distributors: These are the wholesalers who buy steel supplies in bulk quantities from the manufacturers and sell it. The pricing of the distributors is higher than that of the manufacturers but they comply to supplying smaller quantities of steel supplies which manufacturers would refuse to and also, you save a lot on the freight bill which compensates for the higher costs.

#3. Independent craftsmen: They are small manufacturers who cannot manufacture bulk quantities of steel supplies. Therefore, they are ideal for custom creations and designs required for some specific purposes. As the name goes, they work independently and thus, you can get them to give personal attention to your project.

#4. Import sources: This is the source which is only preferred if the local suppliers fail to deliver the required quality and quantity of steel supplies. You can consult a domestic importer to help you out or travel overseas to buy the supplies, depending upon your familiarity with overseas sources.

Now the answer to the question what factors you need to consider to get the right type of steel supplies:

Steel Supplies

Steel Supplies

There are a few factors you need to pay thorough attention to and you are all set to getting a stock of suitable supplies:

#Quality: Of Course, quality is the topmost factor. Look for a supplier who can deliver steel supplies that comply with the Australian standards. To ensure that, check whether the steel products provided by a particular supplier are tested to comply with one or more of the following factors:

  • Quality Management Systems AS/NZS ISO 9001.
  • NATA accredited test facilities to ISO/IEC 17025.
  • Oil and Gas line pipe API Specification 5L.
  • Structural – AS/NZS 1163 Structural steel hollow sections.
  • Precision – AS1450.
  • Casing & Tubing – API 5CT and AS1396 Steel water bore casing.
  • ALLGAL standard AS4750 Electro-galvanised (zinc) coating on ferrous hollows.

# The pricing: The products should be reasonably priced but make sure you do not fall for prices that are too good to be true as too low prices generally mean that you are looking at a substandard product.

# The equipment: Most people fail to take into consideration this factor. You need to have the knowledge of how the supplies you are receiving are manufactured. See if the equipment used to process materials are up to date and that the supplier does not rely heavily on primitive manual methods.

# The customer service: Always ensure to have a supplier who has a record of providing good customer services. See if the steel merchant has a reputation of meeting the delivery as well as supply commitments consistently. Reliability is always a huge factor in doing business as you do not want to deal with a supplier who lets you down and delays your project.

With these factors in mind, you are all set to get the suitable steel supplies for your project.


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