A Glance at The Key Benefits of Exposed Aggregate

You might have come across beautiful driveways, decorative sidewalks, and charming patios. Gone are the days when these structures were made using the same old technique. Even though, concrete as a material is used for making driveways, patios, and sidewalks, but with a slight difference. The execution has turned out to be a little advanced and the technique here we are talking about is called exposed aggregate.

So, what happens in this technique of concrete layering? Well, in this process, the floor is obtained by doing away with the top layer of the dry concrete, which in turn, exposes the aggregate under it. So, when the top layer is taken away, the beautifully colored aggregates are revealed, featuring rough texture. Exposed concrete is not only beautiful in terms of looks, but offers many benefits as well. This is the reason why within a brief period, it has gained so much of popularity. So, let us tell you about some of the major advantages of going with the exposed concrete or aggregate.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate

Advantages Related to Exposed Aggregate

  • The technique involved in this case is easy to master. You do not have to think a lot when it comes to hiring a concrete contractor for the job of exposed concrete. A professional with average skills can deliver a superior performance. Hence, if you want to save time and money then go with the option of exposed concrete.
  • The second advantage is the safety aspect. During the rainy days, it gets a bit difficult to walk on the wet floor in a carefree way. You must place each step carefully, so that, you may not slip and feel embarrassed or met with an injury. However, walking on the surface of exposed concrete is safe because of its rough texture. You can even run on it without worrying about anything.
  • When it comes to the durability of the exposed concrete floor then it can really impress you. This is the reason why exposed concrete is usually preferred for making sidewalks, driveways, and other areas that involve heavy traffic. The rugged surface is tough enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions.
  • In the exposed concrete category, there is a wide range of options to choose from. The aggregates used for this technique come in varied sizes and you can select them, as per your needs. Likewise, there are numerous colours, as well as textures available when it comes to choosing the aggregates. You can choose the colour and texture as per the look of your house.
  • The look offered by the exposed aggregate can easily go well with other elements of decoration, such as stencilling, integral colouring, staining, stamping, and more. You can also pair it up with simple concrete. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the result in terms of look.
  • If we talk about the maintenance part of exposed concrete, you can certainly remain assured that it won’t give you any kind of problem. Yes, it needs a little maintenance. All, you must do is clean and reseal the floor occasionally.
Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate

Overall, you get these advantages with exposed concrete. In fact, there are three methods available when it comes to having exposed concrete. They are- overlay, seeded, and monolithic. Each variant has its own features. In addition to this, for conducting such task, you must hire the right professional with the skills and experience in the field. Browsing through the photos of exposed aggregate can provide you creative ideas for your own project. So, go for it!


One thought on “A Glance at The Key Benefits of Exposed Aggregate

  1. It’s interesting to learn that when it comes to using aggregate concrete that there are some advantages to it. Personally, I like how you said this kind of concrete has a safety aspect so when it rains that no one will slip if they are walking on it. This is something that we will have to consider when it comes to installing our new driveway.


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