Benefits of Using Top Quality Motorised Awnings and Their Types

Motorised awnings are the perfect addition to our homes. We can adjust and extend them as per our need, either to shade us from the direct heat of the sun or to cover us from the rain during the monsoons. All that is needed is the single press of a button for you to enjoy the comfort and convenience outdoors.

Motorised awning, unlike manual awnings, features a motor for extending or retracting the awning material as we please, which is either powered by the mains power or a built-in battery. This motor is usually hidden within a system box or cassette that is specially designed to protect its functionality against any weather influences.

The easiest type of motorised awning that can be installed is battery-powered ones. It is the best option for windows or spaces that are hard-to-reach. These battery operated awnings are more convenient to use and can be self-installed as they do not need a power outlet to function. Motorised awnings that are mains-operated needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet and hence, require an electrician often to do the installation.

Motorised Awnings

Motorised Awnings

Types of Motorised Awnings you can Choose

Motorised awnings come in a huge variety. Here are the four different kinds of awnings well-known for their high quality that you can choose for installing in your home.

#1. Cassette Folding Arm Awning: This type of motorised awning offers all year protection to the arms and fabric of the awning. It offers durability to the item for it to last several years to come. Cocoon and Cube shaped cassettes compliments the aesthetic for any style of architecture. These types of awnings are best suited for patios or decks of a house.

#2. Semi-Cassette Folding Arm Awning: These types of awnings are ideal for transforming outdoor areas into delightful lifestyle zones. The semi-cassette housing is an economical option for partially protected verandas and balconies. Also, these are best suited, if rainfall is frequent as the canvas remains protected when retracted inside from a chest.

#3. Standard Awning: These are the most cost-effective and easily available options in the market. They are best suited for mild weather conditions.

#4. Drop Arm Awning: This awning type is designed to withstand the extremities of sun and rain, with arms propped on either side against the building. It is perfect for higher placements and storefronts.

Benefits of Using Top Quality Motorised Awnings

Top quality motorised awnings speak for themselves when it comes to proving their worth. Some of the benefits that top quality motorised awnings offers it users are as follows:

  • The main benefit of using motorised awnings is its optimal convenience or ease of use. Unlike manual awnings, top quality motorised awnings can be controlled easily with just a push of a button from the convenience of your chair. Getting one can save you a lot of time and energy which you can redirect elsewhere instead.
  • Using top quality motorised awnings can also save you money. One reason being that it does not only keep your exteriors cool and shaded, but also keeps the interiors cool. This lessens the burden on your air conditioners, resulting in lowering of electric bills. The second reason is that these awnings are sturdier and have a longer life than manual ones.
  • Motorised awnings provide more than just shade from the sun and rain. It also provides glare reduction, privacy, protection to outdoor furniture, elegance, and improves the curb appeal of your home.
  • Motorised awnings reduce the chances of high risk accidents as in the case of manual awnings that usually require cords to manually operate the shade cover.



Motorised awnings are a great investment and require least maintenance. Many of these motorised awnings are designed to provide advanced use of technologies like sun and wind control, timers, and sensors. If extreme weather is detected these awnings are designed to retract, thus protecting the awning system from harsh weather conditions.


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