Waterproofing Solution for Your Bathroom

Waterproofing has in recent past become important part of new construction. Not only new constructions but in case of people getting their old bathroom renovated, waterproofing has become a crucial part of it as well. Waterproofing ensures that the structure remains water resistant. It remains unaffected by any water accumulation and other leakage. Waterproofing becomes important especially when it comes to the bathroom. Any leakage can cause potential harm to the expensive interiors people use in their bathroom. Getting a reliable Bathroom and shower waterproofing can prove to be helpful in this case. Sometimes the leakages are not visible. This is because showers can leak below the surface also.

Bathroom Waterproofing

Bathroom Waterproofing

# Ways to Get a Reliable Bathroom and Shower Waterproofing

Analyzing the possible ways water can ingress the structure is prerequisite. Modern waterproofing methods are really advanced and effective. In recent years many waterproofing methods have been used

Usually a concrete is used for waterproofing. Concrete when combined with water makes it difficult for water to percolate as it forms an insoluble complex with water.

Another way of waterproofing is Liquid waterproofing. On the damaged surface such as the cement board, Fiber board etc. such waterproofing is applied. It proves to be a good remedy when it comes to a reliable Bathroom and shower waterproofing also. Shower absorbs and drains the water. Waterproofing will prevent substrate from absorbing water. In this way water is not absorbed by the walls.

Modern method of waterproofing includes polyurethane waterproofing. This kind of waterproofing may also resist chemical attacks apart from water leakages.

Nowadays tiles and even boards used in bathroom are waterproof but you need to be sure that even any kind of joint or gaonis also not leaking. Special care must be taken in case of wet bathroom that has been just constructed. This can save lot of your money you spent on the different stuff used in bathroom

# Importance of Reliable Bathroom and Shower Waterproofing

  1. Waterproofing protects your assets and prevents potential damage and risk that may occur due to water leakage from ceiling, walls etc. It also protects the wooden stuff used in your bathroom.
  2. Waterproofing saves money in long term. Spending on reliable Bathroom and shower waterproofing is better than spending all over again on repairing the damages caused by water leakages. It can prove to be a beneficial investment.
  3. In some countries there are even regulations for waterproofing because in case of high rise building the risks posed by water leakage is more.
Shower Waterproofing

Shower Waterproofing

# Precautions to Be Taken While Waterproofing

  1. The waterproofing surface must be of any kind of dirt to make the membrane bond properly. Priming is an essential part of waterproofing.
  2. It must be ensured that membrane is applied properly and not a slight spot should be missed. Else it will not be able to stop water.
  3. At least 2 layer coating is important for the reliable Bathroom and shower waterproofing.
  4. Proper drying period is required before the waterproofing membrane is applied. Else that little moisture may later proof to be harmful even though the waterproofing has been done on it.

It is necessary to make sure that water drains only through pipes. There should be any kind of construction leakages. Moisture can attract termites which can damage the expensive products used in the construction of your bathroom. This can spoil the look of your bathroom People often neglect bathroom while decorating their home. But it is important that if tile shower is being used waterproofing is done. It can be a long term solution to many unforeseen problems.


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