Lift Easily with The Right Pallet Truck

A pallet truck is a tool used for lifting and moving pallets. Moving heavy pallets around in a workplace can put a lot of strain on workers. Pallet trucks loaded with goods can weigh in tones. Thus, pallet trucks are referred as workhorse in any workhouse. They play an important role in manufacturing houses of cargo containers and transportation items like automotive. With these pallet trucks, people can easily lift heavy equipments and goods and they can easily relocate them according to their needs.

Pallet Truck

Pallet Truck

8 Different types of Pallet trucks and their usage

  1. Pallet Jacks– A pallet jack can either be manual or powered. A manual pallet jack is a hand-powered jack mostly used in retail and personal warehousing operations. Whereas a powered pallet jack is motorized to allow lifting and moving of heavier pallets. Manufacturing and large-scale industries need to install these pallet trucks in their premises to shift their heavy goods, and people can also use the mobile pallet trucks to lift their cars and other equipments.
  2. Hand Pallet truck- It is a very basic piece of equipment controlled manually and used to carry heavy loads from one place to another. You can find these pallet trucks in the automobile shops, they mainly use these trucks to lift their cars into the showrooms, and they can easily move these trucks according to their needs.
  3. Pallet Stacker-This type of pallet truck is best used in powered form. They mostly run on batteries and can be acquired with a built-in charger. This will ensure its optimal performance. Roadways construction companies and other real estate companies mainly use the pallet trucks to shift their goods and they can also run or move these trucks on the floor.
  4. High Lift Truck-These type of Pallet trucks are used in lifting pallets to a safe working height. A worker can handle goods without constantly bending and lifting the items from floor level. These Pallet trucks reduce the risks of injuries at workplace by reducing muscular discomfort.
  5. Weighing Scale Truck– A scale on this Pallet truck shows the weight of good being moved. This is useful since items can be weighed whenever required. For busy factories and loading bays it is very useful. People can easily install these pallet trucks in their desire place and they can operate their shifting works through these trucks.
  6. Rider Pallet Truck– This equipment is an electric walk behind with additional feature of a riding platform. Operator needs to step up on the platform to ride. But this type of Pallet truck can expose the operator to greater risks. Because of its heavy weight, it can damage adjacent structures or cause injury.
  7. Counterbalanced walker stacker– The jack on this Pallet truck can reach up to eight feet off the ground. Other types of Pallet trucks usually lift not more than eight inches. This stacker runs electronically and has a substantial chassis and lifting pole. The counterweight of industrial battery, equipment elements and steel construction prevents it from tipping over.
  8. Walker Straddle Stacker– It is quite like counterbalance walker stacker but it is equipped with outrigger attachments. This prevents it from tipping over when used for lifting heavy load. This Pallet truck has a smaller track than counterbalanced stacker, but lifting capabilities are almost same.
Pallet Trucks

Pallet Trucks

Stacker machine are smaller. They are more economical than ride-on counterbalanced forklifts. It is a good choice for lifting pallets or moving machines in small machine shops. If you are looking for some pallet trucks then you need to decide it according to your needs and you can also discuss with the dealers and manufacturers of these pallet trucks in this regard.


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