Features and Applications of a Wheelie Bin Hire

The bins provided by a wheelie bin hire company offer a whole lot of advantages to every customer who decides to use a wheelie bin. Some of the important features of a wheelie bin are

Wheelie Bin Hire

Wheelie Bin Hire

  • The bins provided by a wheelie bin hire add to the already existing list of recycling and waste management systems available in the market.
  • These bins provided by bin hire companies can be maneuvered into and out of the properties when the need to pick up garbage comes up.
  • It is perfect alternative for businesses, which cannot store big lift containers right on the site.
  • There are wide ranges of bin sizes provide by wheelie bin hire companies.
  • Rear lift trucks are provided by such wheelie bin hires can reach destinations located at a much higher place.
  • The side life bins provided by wheelie bin hire companies are primarily used for certain municipalities for specialized commercial user or only certain type of housing precincts. Standard brakes are used in 1100 and 660-liter wheelie bins. The trucks can be used to pick up old cardboard for recycling purpose.
  • Steel bins are available for environments that are particularly rough and tough. This type of bins is very ideal for areas that contain corrosive chemicals, ashes, and many more are present.
  • There are highly customized solutions that are available for specific requirements.
  • The wheels of the wheel bin are made of steel that are usually resistant to corrosion.
  • The entire bin is made up of stabilized UV that provides excellent ageing properties.
  • The bin is made up of an injection-molded type of plastic to provide excellent strength characteristics to the entire bin.

Some of the applications of a wheelie bin are

  • The bins provided by a wheelie bin hire can be used to collect both residential and industrial wastes.
  • The bins provided by almost every wheelie bin hire are very lightweight in nature.
  • Most of the wheelie bin hire companies ensure that the frequency of collection is high.
  • A wheelie bin is the best for business that are restricted with respect to space, different waste generation points that are scattered, or those that distribute perishable wastes.


Curbside Bins

There are certain bins placed on the roadside and have wheels attached to them. These bins are supplied by wheelie bin hire, which usually enters into a contract with the government agencies or with the government itself. It can be seen in many towns and cities that there is usually a public collection service that regularly collects waste from the dustbins that are placed on the roadside. The entire bin is usually loaded into a big garbage truck and driven to the dumpster, crush facility, or incinerator. The household type of bins is usually categorized into receptacles made of metal or plastic trashcans, light, mobile, and wheelie bins. In certain areas, there are multiple bins of assorted colors based on the suitability for recycling. The curbside bins supplied by wheelie bin hire companies are usually large skips or dumpsters to dump garbage.

Litter Bins in The Bin

Many waste containers are located in the public domain primarily to encourage people to not to litter in a particular area with a lot of unwanted waste. The other areas where these bins can be found are parks, schools, public malls, and many more places. These bins are sometimes supplied by a wheelie bin hire and are typically mounted right on top of the ground or a wall to actively discourage vandalism and theft and sometimes improve the overall sophistication of the environment by keeping it neat and clean.


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