Upgrade Your Switchboard And Avoid Major Damage

Switchboards are a vital appliance of the house as they control the entire electrical system of a dwelling by distributing electricity in appliances and switches. While the modern switchboards consist of safety switches that help to lowering down the risk of fires and electrocution by interrupting the power supply in case of a problem, the older ones are not adept to perform this function. If you reside in an old house with an old and inefficient switchboard, especially with ceramic fuses, it poses a higher risk for electrical shock and fire. If you are not sure whether your switchboard needs an upgrade or not at the moment, there are some signs that you should look for to check for the same. These include flickering lights, constantly tripping circuit breakers, fuses with copper cable, hot plugs, electrical shocks upon switching on lights, regularly blown fuses, and so on.

Switchboard Upgrade

Switchboard Upgrade

# The Need for Upgrading a Switchboard

Broadly, the vital reasons why you need to upgrade your switchboard immediately include the following:

  1. Prevent Short-Circuits
    For those who have an old switchboard where replaceable wires are used on the fuses, there is a great need to upgrade it immediately as it is susceptible to short-circuits. These short-circuits can further lead to electric shocks or fires in extreme cases.
  2. Safety Switch
    Modern switchboards have safety switches incorporated in them that has the feature of cutting down or restoring power in conditions when necessary. This is a highly beneficial feature which is not present in older and traditional versions. You should thus replace your older switchboard with a modern one with this feature installed.
  3. Power Supply
    Since there were fewer appliances dependent on electricity earlier, these old switchboards are not proficient to deal with the rising number of appliances needing electrical energy and thus need an upgrade.

# Hire A Professional Installation Service

It is important to hire a reliable and skilled technician for a switchboard upgrade as it is an intricate task that requires careful inspection and replacement. Here is the role of a skilled professional for this role:

  • Modern switchboards come in a variety of designs, types, and sizes. Thus, a regular homeowner would not be able to decide between a flush or surface mounted switchboard with opaque or tinted transparent doors. An electrician on the other hand would see the current electrical rewiring system, location of switchboard, and consider factors such as potential need for more electrical circuits in the future to determine the most suitable types of switchboard. He would also help you choose the right size of switchboard by calculating the height and width needed according to the number of circuit breakers.
  • A professional electrician would evaluate the current situation and let you know about the time that would go in the installation process and in the testing of its operation.
  • The experienced electrician would also follow the necessary regulatory standards that are needed in such intricate tasks.
  • The electrician would use the latest tools and equipments to install the switchboard. A reputable service would install switchboards only from reputable manufacturers.


Only a reputable and reliable company would be able to provide such a skilled professionals. Hence, make sure you contact only the best people in the industry. You can do so by either taking leads from your friends or family who can suggest a good technician from their experience or make an extensive research online to find the best rated professionals. Make a one time investment on an updated switchboard and save yourself from any additional and major expenses on potential damage that can be caused through electrical fire or shock caused by old switchboards.


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