A 4-Step Trick to Pick a Quality Auto Mechanic

Owning a car is common event in today’s world. But, with so many cars, there are several more auto mechanics in your vicinity as well. This leads to a question in every car owner’s mind – How to pick a reliable auto mechanic? Such a question may seem extremely baffling as each auto mechanic you visit may seem to be genuine and highly experienced at the first glance, thanks to all the big talk and a lot of advertising. You, as a car owner are bound to get drawn towards any auto garage that has huge display boards and appealing garages. But, the fact is that an appealing garage is not enough for getting a quality car service.

Auto Mechanic

Auto Mechanic

The auto mechanic has to be experienced and needs to have the dedication towards helping each of his customers that visit the garage. You need to evaluate the auto mechanic based on some basic points. These points may not be obvious to any onlooker. But you may pick up those signs on close inspection and keep attention.

Most auto mechanics talk in a similar way with their customers. But if you spot any kind of unfriendliness, you need to go ahead and look for another mechanic instead. Here are some sure shot tips to pick the right auto mechanic.

  1. Reputation in the surrounding areas: A good reputation is something one gains only through good conduct and quality services. So, if there are several people with negative opinions about an auto mechanic, you should know better than visiting his garage for car repairs. If a mechanic has gained a bad reputation for providing unsatisfying services, there has to be a definite reason behind it. So, it is advisable to ask around to know the reviews of a mechanic before deciding to visit him with your car. You do not want to get low quality services at high prices.
  1. Do not just keep low prices as your sorting criteria: When you are finalising on a mechanic and spot a sign saying 50% off on all car services, you need not necessarily rush to that garage for car repairs. Keep in mind that nobody would offer any services for free or by incurring a loss. So, if the service rates of any garage are too low than the expected price range, you should keep an eye out for trouble. This does not necessarily mean that you pick the garage that has the highest service costs. You need to use your best judgement in deciding this.
  1. Make the auto mechanic explain something to make sure you understand: Most mechanics are knowledgeable enough in their field of expertise. But not all auto mechanics are experts in interacting with customers and sometimes lack the communication skills needed to explain the customer what is wrong with their automobile. This may seem to be a trivial matter but is of extreme importance when your car needs huge repairs. So, ask the mechanic to explain a complex automobile topic in simple terms and see if you can relate.
  1. Make a questionnaire: When you are visiting an auto mechanic for the first time, make a list of questions to ask beforehand. I suggest you make a questionnaire beforehand as you may forget to ask a few of them if. So, in such a case you can always check the list to ensure that you have all the information you need. Ask as many quests as you need until you are completely satisfied. Here is a list of a few basic ones:
  • Their credentials
  • Years of experience
  • Warranty policies and extended warranty on replaced spare parts
  • Customer service policies
  • Certifications held by all the employees
  • Whether the garage is officially registered under the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) association.
  • Various fields of experience
  • You can also ask some technical questions to check the knowledge of the mechanic.
Auto Mechanic

Auto Mechanic

These 4 tips help you differentiate a quality and experienced auto mechanic from the rest of the mechanics and with such an auto mechanic, you can rest assured that your automobile is being serviced by qualified hands.


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