All You Should Know About Truck Repairs And Services

Truck repair and services have a number of procedures to follow. The manufacturer lays down certain norms for repair services to be done. You have to maintain service book in which the services done is written and service center puts a stamp on it. Below are some condition in which repair and service is based on. Truck manufacturers advise service after every 15000 miles .

  1. How many kilometers the vehicle ran?
  2. What is the condition of road whether it is mountain or sloppy?
  3. Climatic condition.
Truck Repairs

Truck Repairs

# Types Of Truck Repair And Services

A Truck is a motor vehicle or a lorry used for transportation of goods. Karl Benz built the first truck in 1895. The word truck is derived from the Greek word trochos. Dictionary meaning of word Trochos means wheels. The truck repair and services differ according to their size. Here are types of truck:-

  • Light Truck– according to weight, light trucks are not more than 14000 lb i.e. 6350 kg. They are bigger in size as compared to mini trucks but smaller than medium trucks. They are classified into three different category listed below:-
    • Ultra light trucks
    • Very light trucks
    • Light trucks
  • Medium Trucks – weight ranges from 14001 to 26000 lb or 6351 kg to 11793 kg.
  • Heavy Trucks – weighs between 26001 to 33000 lb or 11794 kg to 14969 kg.
  • Very Heavy Trucks – it is too large for highway use and needs special permit to use.

Trucks also vary according to their purpose of use.

  • Car transporters
  • Cement trucks
  • Cranes
  • Dry goods

Getting truck repair and services is required in terms of maintaining safety, longevity, money, vehicle value you should not compromise. Like you, your vehicle too need attention and care. Vehicle parts won’t last till end, they depreciate after getting used. If you calculate market value of your vehicle for resale purpose it will be more convenient for you to get good and potential buyers due to maintaining and servicing your vehicle regularly and you might get higher deal also.

For maintaining the longevity of vehicle you should always keep the following things in mind for truck repair and services-

  • Keep a check in reading kilometer.
  • Engine oil, brake oil needs to be changed from time to time.
  • Tires needs to be maintained.
  • Every part like wipers, engine, light etc. should be in proper condition.
  • Oil filter, air filter, fuel filter should be checked and replaced.

In many truck repair and services shops you can notice that they provide mechanical and body repair work. Shop that provides the facility to repair body of vehicle like painting, repairing dent, scuffs are commonly known as body shops. You can customize your truck tools with some new parts and the truck can also be painted according to your requirement. You can modify cabin, chassis (control stability and turning), engine, gearbox, accessories etc.

Truck Services

Truck Services

You might not have heard about mobile on-site truck repair service which now a day is becoming very popular. It means that company will provide you maintenance and repair service wherever you are by sending their fully equipped truck which has the latest technology. This new technique saves your time and money.

You can get your truck insured so that if any damage or accident occurs the insurance company will pay for it on your behalf. Payment schedule will depend on the type of insurance plan you take. You can say that insurance is the biggest fixed expense that the owner has to pay. So, this brief discussion about truck repair and services and why truck servicing is needed will prove helpful while buying a truck!


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