How to Install Phone Cable Wiring?

It is a well-known fact that telephone wires are quite easy to work with as they provide sterling results to the users due to extreme low voltages involved. In electrical signal wires, the intensity of the current is extremely high, and people are prone to shocks and sometimes deaths. Although Phone cable wiring is safe, it is quite difficult to install. When you are extending the cable in an existing facility, make sure to identify the existing standards in detail to get the desired results. If you are not careful, then the connectivity between the telephone and the main line can be disrupted and you would not be able to use the telephone anymore. In this case, you need to do some cable wiring and especially when you use multiple telephone lines in your office, you must do this special cable wiring for secure connectivity. 

Phone Cable Wiring

Phone Cable Wiring

Bringing the wire inside the residential premises: 

Bringing the wire inside the residential premises was accomplished by running theme over the telephone poles. As a result, it was easy to repair and went a long way in delivering seamless connectivity to the users. In areas of high water table, the phone wiring was above the ground. Distribution of the phone services was achieved with the help of Arial connection method. The breakout box is attached to the pole with the primary service line entering into one side and the other lines venturing out from the other side.

In modern time underground wiring the new technology that is adopted by all the phone companies in an impeccable manner. In the present scenario, breakout boxes are placed at strategic locations to manage the telecommunication signals in an easy and hassle-free manner. In this regards, telephone cable wiring is necessary because you need to connect the underground modem with your telephone set with some wire and you have to conceal the wire with some proper casing. 

Find the network interface device: 

No matter what technology is used in bringing the wire inside, it is the network interface device that can prove to be a vital. Accessibility to the customer compartment is accomplished with the help of simple slot headed screw. Users can open the box and identify the faulty line running to the premises.

If the customer is equipped with only a single telephone line, the chances are that the box belongs to the old technology category. In such cases, the device is made up of plastic or metal cover that is fixed to the box. It is tightened with the help of a screw and helps in the seamless management of communication.

Phone Cable Wiring

Phone Cable Wiring

How would you test the telephone lines during cable wiring? 

  • Testing the lines is an important step that has to be taken into account if the user wants to maintain the connectivity. Use only the previously tested instrument to ward off an anomaly. You should be sure about the impeccable functionality of the device or it may wrongly conclude that the wiring is faulty.
  • To start with you can pick up the phone however it is important that a telephone jack is installed right inside the premises. You can plug the phone into the jack and find out whether it emits the dial tone.
  • If the tone is not existent, the phone is taken off the hook because the line is faulty in such cases. People who have multiple jacks at home might be facing a more complex issue that requires more probing. You should test each jack individually to ascertain their smooth functioning.

If the jack is faulty, you should call the telephone company and replace the same with a new component. It is one of the most important steps in the installation process and you should install the phone cable wiring by hiring some reputed installers.


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