Getting prepared about talking to doctors regarding your Incontinence Problems

Talking about incontinence to the doctor or anyone else is a bit tough task for both men and women. In case of others we can only say that keep your trust on your loved ones and believe that they will understand about the problems you are going through. However, in case of doctors we can help you in getting prepared for your meeting. If you have accepted that you are facing incontinence then the hardest part is already done, second hurdle is using right type of incontinence products or female incontinence pads. After sorting these two hurdles, only one teeny weenie work is left which is consulting the doctor. Here we will help you in preparing for your first time doctor visit.

Stop thinking about what to expect in your meeting with the doctor. Just get up take a walk with us on the whole procedure of the meeting with the doctor with ease.

Female Incontinence Pads

Female Incontinence Pads

After the Introductions:

  • How can you say that you have incontinence? (Meaning Symptoms)
    Well, if you are claiming that you have incontinence then it is fact that you have done your own research on the topic and faced some symptoms which are related to the issue. Now the time of shyness is gone and the time of accepting truth is here be confident and share the symptoms you are facing so far which leads you to the conclusion. It is very important for every patient to be open and honest to the doctors as they are there to cure your problems and they can’t help you with half-truths. Also, do not forget to inform them about the female incontinence pads you have been using currently.
  • What is your medical history? Do you have documents for the same?
    Doctor might or will definitely ask you about your past medical experiences or medical history. So if you have faced any issues in the past then keeping the documents handy will be a good decision and share the details which are not mentioned in the reports, so that the doctor can make a fair observation of your situation. Also, share with them about your usage of female incontinence pads, like since when, and what type of incontinence product you are using if the topic comes out. Your doctor needs to know all the stuff to create the best and appropriate treatment program for you.
  • Have you taken any prior treatment for incontinence?
    Share about what you have done in order to treat your incontinence by yourself or after some consultation. Anything related to incontinence treatment you have done in the past needs to be shared, whether your medication usage, or if you had surgery, or any other treatment plans.
  • Let’s take a physical examination, shall we?
    After listening to everything and after the observation of the details of your history and other treatment plans, the doctor is likely to ask you for a physical examination, so better be prepared for the same. They will observe about numerous things, from urine infection to catheterization in order to check the working of bladder. They will also check your bladder reaction after coughing and sneezing as it will help them to judge the intensity of your incontinence. An X-ray or MRI can also be on the way, so relax and let the doctor do their work.
  • Choices for you?
    After checking everything and listening to you, your doctor can suggest you several things from female incontinence pads to medications. However, here you have the power to put your opinion on the table regarding your comfort zone with the solutions. The doctor can analyse both the sides and can offer you the best solution which is comfortable for you and hygienic too.


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