5 Important Areas Where the Best Car Mechanic Focuses On

Getting your car serviced regularly is one of the most important car maintenance tips which a car owner simply cannot slack on. Regular servicing not only ensures that your car is working in its optimal condition, but also keeps a check on the most important car parts which could cause damage if they are not working efficiently.

Important Points to Consider:

Car Mechanic

Car Mechanic

When you are taking your car for servicing at a garage, it is important to notice if your car mechanic is focusing these five important parts or not.

  • The Tires: One of the most important areas of a car, the tires can either save or take a life. The best car mechanic will pay extra attention to your tire and it’s pressure during regular servicing. Underinflating your tires can lead to dangerous accidents, whereas over inflating them can affect the fuel efficiency of your car. A good car mechanic will know exactly the right pressure and inflation that your car needs, to ensure the safety of you, your passengers and passer-by’s on the roads.
  • Brake Pad and Clutch Fluid: It’s not needful to tell you exactly how important the brake and clutch are in your car. If these two parts don’t work properly, it could lead to massive danger for you as well as others on the road. It is important to ensure that your brake and clutch fluid is maintained at a high level. In most cars, mechanics can check the brake and clutch fluid levels from the transparent level in the reservoirs itself.

However, the best car mechanic will recheck the brake and clutch fluid level by opening the reservoir cap and visually checking the fluid. Check that your car mechanic is topping up the brake and clutch fluid with genuine, new brake fluid of the appropriate grade only. Your mechanic should also check for leaks in the reservoir to ensure there is no wastage taking place.

Car Mechanic

  • Battery: A good car mechanic will check the battery and battery fluid levels of your car during servicing. The optimal level of the battery fluid should be maintained between 5 mm and 10 mm above the plates. Ensure that your car mechanic uses only clean, distilled water to top up the battery fluid if required. It is important that no one should carry an open flame or smokes during this process, as battery fluid is very explosive. The battery should be fixed properly in a tight and secure manner before your car servicing is over.
  • Air filter: If the oil in your car’s engine is its blood, then the air filter is your car’s lungs. The best car mechanic will check the air filters on your car during servicing. The fuel economy, as well as acceleration of your car, can be greatly affected if the air filters are clogged. After a normal period of time, it is obvious that the air filter of your car will be clogged and requires cleaning or even replacing.
  • Coolant: Just like you require an air conditioning system to keep you cool during the hot weather, your car needs to maintain a certain core temperature as well. This is the job of the coolant. The engine of your car is kept at a balanced level by the coolant. If this part isn’t functioning properly, your car could overheat, causing many issues such as reduce performance, excessive wear and tear, or even cause your engine to seize!

The best mechanic will ensure that all these car parts are thoroughly checked to ensure the efficiency and safety of your vehicle.


Choosing the Right European Car Service

Owning an European Car is sure a matter of pride, but you also need to know where to get the right European car service as your high end vehicle will require regular maintenance and service to stay brand new and give you its highest level of performance. With time, more car service agencies for European cars are increasing; there is always a risk of getting duplicate parts during servicing of a vehicle, which could cause degradation in its performance. So to keep your car in shape, here are some tips to help you choose the right European car service for your vehicle.

European Car Service

European Car Service

Tips to choose your European Car Service

  • Agency Experience: Experience is one of the foremost things to consider while choosing your European Car Service. Prior to choosing one, do conduct thorough research for finding the best service agency. Check their experience if they have been into industry for more than 15 years, contact the company to know further information. Also, visit their testimonial page to get the review about the company from their previous clients. A good agency will have the experience of servicing multiple European Car brands. These agencies will be able to provide you with high-quality professional services. 
  • Technician Qualifications: Go through the various websites of the service companies you have shortlisted and check out the level of experience of their technicians. A professional agency will boast of highly qualified technicians in the field of car servicing. Are the technicians employed Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified and well trained? The technicians should be able to perform all the mechanical repairs that might be required for your vehicle maintenance, no matter the year of make along with support from a specialized team to take care of your luxury vehicle.
  • Variety of Services Offered: A professional European Car Service agency will offer a multitude of services. These may range from mechanical repairs, brand authorized service, diagnostic repairs, pre purchase and post purchase inspection, licensed vehicle testing etc. amongst other services.
  • Certifications: Look out for any service certifications acquired by the agency. A service certification is a direct proof of the quality of service that you may expect from the agency.
  • Service Warranty:  A good European car service company will offer you a service warranty of 1 year that can be available after 12,000 miles are driven. Availability of a good service warranty will add to your confidence while selecting your car service agency.
  • Easy Appointments: Getting an appointment at a time and date of your convenience for servicing your car is one of the most difficult tasks that you have to face. Look for a service centre that gives you the ease of fixing prior appointments according to your convenience. Some agencies even give you the advantage of fixing your appointment online through their websites.
  • Customer Reviews: Customer reviews of most European car service agencies would be available online. Make sure you go through ratings and reviews before you make your choice. Also, compare the services offered through customer experiences across multiple websites. You may also compare the rates offered.
European Car Service

European Car Service

Remember, cars of European make, unlike American cars are built with special mechanisms and parts that cannot be serviced by any car service agency. This is why they require specialized european car service agencies to take care of them because their work would be flawless and fast along with replacement of genuine parts. Some of the European car brands that you must consider taking to a specialized agency for maintenance include- Volkswagen Beetle, Volkswagen Passat, Ferrari, Opel, Fiat, BMW 5- Series, Audi, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Volvo and Mercedes Benz. So keep these little things in mind.

Volkswagen Repair Tips

Volkswagen is the brand that chooses to make cars for the common man to enjoy the ride every day. It has a long history and makes automobiles to fascinate and supplement the basic need of travelling with safety.  These vehicles definitely have a huge fan following, and there is a constant need to keep up with the maintenance so that your car performs well on road. There are standard steps one needs to take to ensure that the Volkswagen is in good running condition. The first is to prepare and adhere to a stick service plan for the vehicle. The owner’s manual provides details of the maintenance schedule that is required for the car.


Volkswagen Repair Tips

Useful Pointers for Volkswagen repair and maintenance

Choose A Qualified and Experienced Mechanic

A certified mechanic will help you understand the Volkswagen repairs needed as part of scheduled maintenance. While a mechanic may be able to identify larger issue with ease, it is the finer details that often get missed out and lead to high repair or replacement costs in the long run. So, choose a repair shop that employs mechanics who are qualified and experienced. Only they can spot minor issues that can later become major ones, if ignored on time.

Check Fluid Levels and Replace OEM Parts

Few important aspects that need attention is oil levels in the car, tire pressures including the spare wheel, wiper fluids may need a top up or check too. It is vital to replace worn out parts with original equipment manufactured parts to ensure that your Volkswagen car runs well without causing any sudden problem.

Basic Schedule of Volkswagen Repairs

In an average run for a Volkswagen vehicle, it may be required to have the oil changed for about 15000-kilometer mileage. Every three years the coolant needs to be replaced and toped up, every two years the brake flushes need to be carried up. Spark plugs update is required every 60k kilometers. Analyzing the usage of the wheels and rotation of them on every service is also a vital step on the basic schedule.

Managing a TDI Engine

If you’ve got a TDI engine, it’s important to handle it appropriately. Understanding this adds to the value that you would provide on the Volkswagen repairs too. The combustion is attained by the forced atomized fuel that is sprayed directly into the main combustion chambers instead of the older pre-combustion chambers. Then the turbocharger increases the amount of air in the engine and the intercoolers lower the temperature and then density of the charge air form the turbo that helps in greater power output and larger fuel efficiency.

Checking for the glow plug lights can help keeping the car from charging and staring up as soon as you crank up the engine. Look for loose wires and corroded wires on the battery end. If you have observed smoke when you fully accelerate the car up, you may have filled up low quality fuel and as a follow up avoid filling up at that station going ahead.


Volkswagen Repairs

Company Authorized Service Stations

Company registered services stations are generally best for Volkswagen repairs and keep your engine running for the years to follow. It is suggested to stick to a professional body shop for your Volkswagen; scratches and paint jobs are best handled by the specialist. Smaller dents handled by DIY equipment often leave behind unwanted scratches and do not match up to the chic look that your car originally had. Although authorized automotive body shop may cost you more, they will be in a good position to match your existing paint color and this is priceless, something that cannot be achieved by a do it yourself approach.

These are just a few reasons why you must choose a high-end and reliable body shop and/or repair shop for your Volkswagen.


Reasons To Choose Nissan Car Service & Repair Center

If you own a car, you will know how important it is to maintain it with regular services. If you have a Nissan car it would be your advantage if you maintain it by bringing it to the proper car service center. Don’t just take your Nissan car to a common repair shop, instead look for an authorized Nissan service center to be assured of quality service and repairs. This is because you Nissan car requires that care of an expert who knows exactly what he is doing under the hood. When you take your car to the authorized service center for servicing and repairs, you always expect to get the best services with top quality parts. Your car performance and accessories are examined by the experts and trained technicians from Nissan.

Nissan Service Center

Nissan Service Center

If you still not sure about it here are some of the benefits you can get when you choose the Nissan car service & repair center:

  • Factory-Certified Technicians by Nissan: Nissan dealership mechanics have a very strong expertise in servicing your Nissan car. You will not get this caliber of specialized talent at a local service facility. The team of technicians at the authorized Nissan car service & repair center is specially trained and highly-skilled. You can rely on the team for your most complex repair and servicing works. Using specialized tools and equipment that are specifically designed for your type of car, these technicians with the latest knowledge and inside information will ensure that your Nissan car will be running in peak conditions.
  • High-Quality OEM Parts:  A car performance or its engine life depends on various accessories and OEM parts. The most common problem any Nissan car owner face is the availability of OEM parts everytime he or she go to a local service facility is the OEM parts. At some point, your car will require replacement of some parts. Every Nissan car owner will expect that they get the genuine parts for their car. However, this can be doubtful when you go to a local service center. On the other hand. When you go to the authorized Nissan car service & repair center, you can be sure about getting the genuine parts that are made for their specific vehicle.
  • Best Customer Service: Everyone want a top-notch treatment when he or she go to the authorized service centers. The authorized Nissan car service & repair center represents a vehicle manufacturer, so they have to meet the high customer service standards. They will give you the complete reports of your car services and repairs. They are also committed to delivering the work on time as they understand how important your car is to you. Most independent shops aren’t able to deliver you such a customer service.

    Nissan Repair Center

    Nissan Repair Center

  • Fair Prices: Many people get shocked at the cost when they bring their car for repair and service in some service centers. When you go to the Nissan car service & repair center, you can be assured that you will get the fair pricing as the company holds a reputation in the market and they will not take chances with the reputation. Companies work very hard to build a good reputation in the market. They may also offer you with some discounts as a part of a proud owner of a Nissan car. Such things are very difficult when you consider a local service center over an authorized one.

These are some of the most important and major advantages you can get when you go to the authorized Nissan car service & repair center for all your car’s repair and services.