Choose Different Hospital Medication Carts

Though medication carts do not measure blood pressure or diabetes, but are essential to keep the different equipment organized so that these are handy when required. These carts are also available second hand, but it is advisable to purchase one from a reputed manufacturer, as this is used in a hospital and extreme cleanliness is an important factor here. There is a wide range of hospital medication carts available which are useful for different purposes.

Hospital Medication Carts

Hospital Medication Carts

Three Essential Features in A Hospital Medication Carts:

  1. Different Compartments:

Before you decide on a specific medication cart it is essential to decide on the number of compartments required and for what purpose. A cart which has several compartments is a wise choice as even the smallest of equipment can be stored in a clean and safe manner. A cart with just one cabinet makes it difficult to find the specific equipment when required.

  1. Casters:

A cart with casters tends to save time, which is an important factor in a hospital. This can save time is ferrying the equipments from end to another.

  1. Locking System:

The locking system is a ‘must’ in medication carts especially for pediatrician as this eliminates the risk of any accidents if a child gets hold of the sharp equipment stored here.

Medical Crash Cart

Medical Crash Cart

Different types of Medication Carts:

There are different designs and styles in medication carts and having some information on these can help you make the right choice.

Smart Carts:

These carts are the most advanced and consist of a computer which is wireless, monitor, keyboard and a scanning device. The patient’s records can be stored in this. With this cart, there is no paperwork involved so minimizes the chances of any errors in the patient’s charts.

Box Medication Carts:

These carts are available with narrow but long drawers divided into various sections. These sections consist of medicines in accordance to their usage.

Punch-Card Medication Carts:

These carts are ideal when ample storage is required. The medication disposal bin in this cart allows for all the trash to be dumped here. Most of these are used for keeping a patient’s medicines along with the charts.

Bin Medication Carts:

Bin medication carts are apt when you intend storing the medicines of different patients or even medicines in different dosages. The rows of different compartments are styled like a checkerboard.

Medication Carts

Medication Carts

Choosing the Suppliers of Medication Carts:

Before you opt for a specific hospital medication carts make sure of your requirement. It is better to list this down as it will help you in making the right choice. Before you choose a supplier, make sure of the reputation, or better still, you can ask for references so that you are assured of the quality of the cart. There are many suppliers who do offer second-hand carts. It is not wrong to opt for this, but you need to make sure that the same is in a good condition as it is being used for a hospital where cleanliness is a priority.

Make sure to buy the right size medication carts, not too big or too small. A small one can create problems with less of storage and a bigger one, if not required, is an unnecessary investment. You must make sure of the space available for keeping the hospital cart and where exactly this is required for. Like, an operation theatre requires a different type as compared to the rooms or the nurse’s station and so on. Finally, price does make a difference. To ensure you are paying the right price make sure to compare the different prices before you settle for one.